Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is incredible how quickly the last few weeks have flown past.  Elijah is now 7 weeks old and feeding well.  Life has certainly taken a different turn with him in our lives.  Funny to think that this time last year I was making my intention for 2013, which was to have a baby with Ewan, and now here we are at the beginning of 2014 with baby in arms. 

New year's intentions are powerful.  I like to do a burning bowl ceremony at the end of each year so that I can let go of the stuff I don't want to take into the new year before then writing my intentions for the year ahead - one has to create the space you see to allow grace to enter in...I did the same process this year and was most excited to find that the Capricorn new moon shared the 1st January. Now surely that is an auspicious start to the year ahead!

As to this year ahead, well I have a feeling that it will bring a little more grounding, balance and peace as we continue to realise our potential and do what we can to serve and make the world a better place, remembering of course that this begins with ourselves - as Mahatma Gandhi so wisely said, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  

It is all too easy to look to others to make the change, but we have to find the strength and courage to dig deep and go within, looking honestly at ourselves, at our actions and the effect this has on others and on the world as a whole – cause and effect.
I am certainly well aware of the need to be honest with myself.  Amazing how we can justify our actions without even being really that conscious of them and of course overlooking the effect this can have on others.   Not to say we need to get bogged down in the detail, awareness is enough, and perhaps from a point of awareness we can make small changes that help to make us a more honest, sincere and centred person in the long run.

Babies are wise little beings and I am learning a lot from Elijah - he certainly helps me to see sides to myself that have been easy to avoid in the past!  Funny how we are so many different sides that come and go!  The sleep deprivation is taking some adjusting, as too the fact I have no time to do anything anymore, but this has encouraged me to prioritise and consider the important aspects to ones life.  I am sure I have some way to go, each day presents a new challenge, but I guess just having the awareness helps, and of course reminding myself not to sweat the small stuff and to let go....

I am excited by this year, it certainly started in a more aware manner than last year when I drank far too much champagne and suffered on the first new day of the year!  This year dawned clear and as energised as one can be after a broken 6 hour sleep with a baby needing feeding and changing a few times during the night!  Not to say the weather was bright!  in fact the new year's swim in the sea was rather testing, the wind was so strong that it was an effort to get onto the beach let alone into the sea.  With Elijah in the car, E and I took it in turns and this really was a new year dip rather than a swim, good grief I have never known anything like it!

So here we are 2014 - cleansed by the New Year torrential rain and spirits tested by the dreary skies overhead.  Well I wish you all a very happy new year and hope that your dreams continue to come true as you remain focused and keep believing and that all the challenges make you stronger and brighter.  Yes, exciting times ahead, welcome 2014!!

With much gratitude and love


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