A weekend of relative creativity

Busy, busy, busy. Well that is how the last few days have been!  I am hoping for a more restful week ahead, balancing the yin and yang!

I guess the nesting instinct has kicked in.  This weekend found us finally getting around to putting some flower boxes together to brighten the front of the cottage.  I am very drawn to red at the moment, Autumnal colour of course and no doubt there is some grounding attraction in there too.  Funny how we do get drawn to particular colours at particular time sin our lives.

Before I discovered Yoga, when I was a lost soul, I used to wear black all the time, covering myself up, disappearing into the background.  That was one of the most significant shifts for me, especially with all the Reiki training and its heart opening nature - let alone the Yoga - that all of a sudden black did not feel right anymore and finally colour came into my life again.

In those earlier Reiki days pink was the focus, no surprise really, given that it is the colour of the heart, I just couldn't wear enough of the stuff.  Then there was the purple stage when I guess my third eye was opening again.  And then blue, lots and lots of blue, communication, before a brief spell with green, more healing, and white when I was feeling virtuous and pure, the world was full of angels, no coincidence perhaps that I had spent 40 days undertaking a kundalini-led meditation practice, then back to blue, and very occasionally the odd red spell when I needed some grounding.  Now I just love colour, all colours, except black that is, you an tell a lot about someone who predominantly wears black all the time.

Anyhow our cottage is now decorated with red and violet, which was so simple really to put together, yet so pretty.  I just have to remember to water them...

I made a cheesecake too this weekend for a Christening party. My friend, Laura, had made the cheesecake a week earlier and had left us some to try.  My gosh it was divine albeit incredibly rich and it was only when I got the recipe I realised the reason or that.  For someone who is insensitive to dairy it is not ideal, in fact I did wake up the next morning struggling to breathe, but ideal with all that calcium when you are growing a baby!  We shall overlook the sugar and chocolate of course, although these do have emotional benefits as I am sure others know!

It is so simple to make, even for me, that I am going to share the recipe with you here:

Fudge cheesecake

6oz/175g choc digestive biscuits
1.5oz/40g butter

Crush biscuits and melt butter.  Mix. Press into tin.

10oz/300g Bournville chocolate
7oz/200g cream cheese
8oz/250g quark (or ricotta)
150ml/1/4pt double cream
3oz/75g icing sugar

Melt 275g/9oz chocolate. Beat cream cheese with quark.  Beat in chocolate, cream, icing sugar.  Turn into tin, chill.

To decorate melt remaining 1oz/25g chocolate and drizzle over cheesecake.

Enjoy! xx

We managed a swim in the sea this weekend too, beautiful high tide at Vazon yesterday morning, certainly sets you up for the rest of the day.  I am watering the folks' greenhouse at the moment too, it is such a soothing environment to spend time and I am in awe at the cucumbers, tomatoes and figs that grow between my visits.  The freezer is now well stocked with tomato sauce for the winter months ahead and the butternut squash are ripening and ever so tasty - I do love butternut squash season.

Here we had the new moon on Saturday, what a relief, I don't know about anyone else but I felt the power of is this time around, usually I don't notice it so much, but there was certainly something going on out there and in me too!!

Anyhow a lovely sunny day awaits and time to go practice being quiet and still!

With love and gratitude.


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