This is indeed a sight for sore eyes - the laden cherry tree.  What bliss.  One just has to have patience, a few more days to go until they are ripe and ready to eat, my little bean will be saturated in cherry energy for I shall no doubt eat far more than is necessary!!!  Nothing more wonderful than eating organic cherries from the tree.  Yum, yum, thank you wonderful parents for your green fingers and loving greenhouse energy!!

It has been a testing week, I'll be honest.  The weather has been pants, seriously is the best June can offer us?  And I have been feeling really tired, not enough iron, common in vegetarian pregnant ladies.  Still, classes have kept my spirit high, even if I have suffered with depleted energy levels the next day.

17 weeks yesterday and no longer feeling sick, hoorah, just tired.  Interestingly I find I really don't have much energy for socialising, by the end of the working day it is all I can do to make dinner and collapse on the sofa.  I have no idea how ladies do this with more than one child, I guess you adjust, as you do to most things in life.  Respect indeed, pregnancy has presented a complete shift in perception and an expansion in one's awareness.

Still, on the whole one cannot complain, I have a little magic bean growing inside of me, that is pretty amazing.  Interestingly I cannot feel his/her energy quite like I have done previously.  talking to a Reiki friend she made a valid point, our energy is becoming more entwined, so of course, his/hers won't stand out so much when I have a feel with my hands.  I heard the heart beat last week, now that is pretty amazing.  I can't wait to feel him/her kicking.  I really am blown away by this whole process of creation.

Mum and I watched a DVD called Orgasmic Birthing, this week, lent to me by my doula.  E was not the slightest bit interested, I suspect the whole birthing thing will come as quite a shock to him!  The thing is, this DVD and the books I have been reading, make one almost excited about the whole concept of birthing in terms of spiritual transformation ad empowerment as a woman.  Still, I am all too aware that sadly telling your birthing story is not the done thing these days, either it is perceived that you are gloating, or increasing the unnecessary fear.  Thankfully I do have some spiritual friends who are happy to share their positive birth experiences at home here in Guernsey.

Anyhow it is Friday and the sun is meant to shine, hoorah, bring it on, I am looking forward to a Vitamin D splurge and an opportunity to get my feet on the sand and maybe even in the sea, oh yes and maybe eat a cherry or two too!!

Happy weekend everyone.  Thank you to all those wonderful students who have helped to keep my spirits high this week too.

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