All things pass

The weather has been glorious the last few days, bright sunshine, what a joy, and the opportunity to practice Yoga in the garden amongst the daisies and the bumble bees.

Nature is abundant in colour these days, the garden is wonderful, thank you to my beautiful boyfriend for his green fingers and ability to embrace nature and enhance it as he does.  We have a daisy ring in the garden, a perfect place for my practice, sheltered in the corner, behind the wild grass ecosystem and the lupines, attracting all their bees and the peonies that are simply stunning in their bright colour.

We have been staying at the folks this weekend, on greenhouse and cat sitting duty.  It was has been wonderful actually to take to the West coast with its evening sunset light and the garden with all its trees and peaceful energy.  The greenhouse has begun producing loganberries and boysenberries and the cherry tree is laden - what a sight, I must take a photo as it won't look like that for long - I have died and gone to heaven, cherries are my favourite fruit and there they are, almost ripe for the picking.

The asparagus are in full abundance too, and the rocket, with so may other vegetables and fruits on their way soon.  Thank you Mum and Dad, it is quite some dream you are living there, hard work, as they tend to be!

Wonderful spiritual chatter with good friends these last few days, funny how the answers arrive to the questions that have been running through one's mind.  Sometimes we need to realise when it is time to stop searching outside of ourselves for our self, and turn inwards to our own wisdom instead.  Others can guide, prompt, inspired and enhance the light, but they cannot do the work for us, only we can really make the transformation and everlasting change in our own lives, with our own two hands, if that is indeed what we want.

And on the flip side, we can spend our whole life caretaking others, trying to help them to heal and to change, to see the light again, but there comes a time when we must realise that only that person who can make the difference in his/her life is that person, and what right do we have to conclude that that other person is not already perfect just as they are, warts and all.  For life is what it is.  We are who we are.  In the words of Max Ehrmann, "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here.And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should".

For those of you who have been feeling emotional and challenged these last few days, the new moon has now passed (as all things pass- the moon is a great reminder of this) and with it the winds have eased and the weather has changed, the dust will now settle and with it the peace will return.

Go gently, be at peace with your self.

Ross DespresComment