It was meant to be!

My Mum took a trip down memory lane and came across this photo of me when I was little.  She says I used to do this a lot - funny really as I was only thinking last night how much of my life I still spend in this position - must have been hard wired into there from the start! Amazing really, how the seed is planted from such a young age.  I have no doubt we are always encouraged along the path of destiny, should we choose to live in harmony with our soul. Not always easy, a lot of lessons to learn along the way.  But I like to think that there are times in our lives where we can sit back and start to see the bigger picture, how the bits of the jigsaw fit together.  There is so much potential.  It really is a wonderful world we live in.

Absolutely loved the class last night, lovely to see everyone again, had not realised quite how much I had missed that environment, may have accounted for my subdued mood last week!  Nothing quite like the energy of a Yoga room, I always leave the class feeling so much lighter than when I arrived, full of that lovely peaceful energy that our combined energy fields create.  You cannot put a price on this joyful experience.  There is so much more to us than we can see.

And so the rains return to nourish the earth, it is going to be looking even more lush and green out there by the end of this week!

Love and light to one and all.

With much gratitude and thanks


Ross DespresComment