Happy new moon! x

Back in the UK it feels so cold after the heat of Thailand.  Sadly I brought a bug back with me that has left me feeling rather under the weather, a bit of shame really as it meant I wasn't feeling my best for Cerys and Craig's wedding near Shrewsbury last weekend.  Lovely part of the country though, especially popping over into North Wales and enjoying the ambiance of the river and energy of Llangollen.  I love Wales!

Back here in Guernsey and it has been strange not teaching all week, but a necessity as I have been in bed very early most nights and only able to entertain the gentlest of practices myself.  Being ill really does make you listen to your body more than you already thought you were doing.  I am thankful for grapefruit seed extract, which kills all the bad bugs without killing the good bugs like antibiotics do.

Returning to Guernsey, albeit ill and cold, was a joy, what with the beautiful Spring landscape and all my wonderful soulful friends to lighten the energy again.  Driving through Talbot Valley to visit my parents last Monday was just an incredible experience - not least the angle of the sun and the play of light on the leaves in the trees and all that colour of bluebells and red campions but so too the sheep and lambs playing in the field below, if you live in Guernsey and haven't seen them, then go and have a look, it will certainly out you off wanting to eat them!!

It was Liberation Day yesterday, a chance to commemorate our peace and freedom, facilitated by all those brave men and women.  My grandfather was one of the military police directing the troops off the boats on the beaches of Normandy.  he had to wear bright white gloves so was essentially a standing target.  Thankfully it wasn't his time and he lived to tell the tale - not for many years mind, it was only when my brother was about 14 and asked him whether he had been part of the Normandy landings that he admitted to it.  You just can't imagine can you, the fear that that generation had to live through and without all the counselling and support networks that we have available to us now.  With so much gratitude and respect xxx

So here we are, early to mid May, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, it is a new moon today!  Here is what Rebekah Shaman has to say about it:

"Over the winter months we have been getting to know ourselves more while sowing our seeds of desire. This new moon signifies the start of the summer season and the growth, fertility and vitality this incurs.

Now, under the Taurus moon, we start seeing the signs of progress and a piecing together of all the threads that make up who we are. It brings structure to our intentions, strengthens our foundations and manifests our action, helping us shape our ideas into more tangible, physical forms.

It reminds us that we are surrounded by abundance. Mother earth is here to support us to realise our dreams, just as she supports the natural world around us. Resources seem to be more available to us, and the clearer we are of what we want the easier it will be to create it in our lives. This is the time to let the magic of life flow you to the right people and connections that can help you manifest your visions.

Taurus brings a sense of patience and order, and shows us that everything is happening and coming together in perfect timing. Synchronicities abound during this moon and we can find ourselves and our projects revitalised, motivating us to keep going, especially if the last few months have been a hard slog.

Ruled by Venus, this moon heightens our senses so we can enjoy the physical and sensual beauty that surrounds us, feeling the pleasure and passion of being alive more deeply. This is a good time to spend with friends, enjoying the company of others and the connections and inspirations that only comes from sharing yourself and your ideas with the world, (so say yes to the invitations you are hesitating about).

 So enjoy the energy as you let the magic of life flow you like a river to manifesting your dreams.  It is all out there, we just need to be clear.  This is where Yoga helps enormously, it helps to rid the clutter and rubbish that prevents us from being clear.

Happy times, embrace the energy and feel alive!


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