The sun is shining, hoorah

The sun has got its hat on, the sun is out today, the sun has got its hat on and it is coming out to play...hoorah!!!

What a difference it makes when the sun is shining as it has done the last few days.  Incredible, what a joy after so much miserable weather over the last few months.  Long may it last...

Which brings me on to my recent processing, "Aparigraha" the fifth Yama, or ethical principle of Yoga, the first limb of Patanjali's eightfold path.

Yama originally meant "bridle" or "rein" and Patanjali used it to describe a restraint that we wilingly and joyfully place on ourselves to focus our efforts, the way a rein allows a rider to guide his horse in the direction he would like to go.  Thus, in this context, self-restraint becomes a positive force in our lives, a self-discipline that can help us to fulfill our life purpose.

"Aparigraha" means non-greed, non-possessiveness, or non-hoarding, not coveting what isn't ours.  Aparigraha is the greed that is rooted in jealousy, that desire to be what someone else is, or to have what someone else has.  Also, it is the concept of grasping for what we don't have and hoarding what we do have.  Clinging on, which can cause so much stress as we are fearful of losing what we have, be that possessions or money. 

It is an interesting Yama to work with.  To be able to stand back and see what we grasp for and to witness how this grasping does indeed cause stress and pain.  Better then to focus our energy and our life on things that cannot be lost.  This could include your actions from good intentions or love, putting an energy into the world that cannot be lost.  The work you put into improving yourself, quietening your mind with Yoga and meditation, learning how to live and act in accordance with your true self, embracing your spiritual journey and finding your own inner true self.  This all brings a whole new perspective to non-greed and non-hoarding.  Love it!!

So I guess the challenge this week is not getting too attached to this weather, not hoarding the sunshine, tempting though that is!!

How wonderful though, E and I managed a 3 hour cliff walk on Saturday afternoon and it really was so beautiful, I would not have wanted to have been anywhere else, the wonderful cliffs, the bright blue sea, views of the other Channel Islands, a kestrel catching a small shrew.  Lucky us!!  Sunday we managed a bike ride through the lanes around the airport and that was pretty stunning too, so many daffodils, a true gift from God, brightening our souls when they have had quite enough of the darkness of the winter months.  So too the snow drops and the beautiful violets and primroses, the crocuses and all the birds singing and pairing up.

Oh yes spring is springing and I cannot wait for the Yoga & Wellbeing retreat o Herm with the lighter mornings and evenings and all those Spring flowers and the Island all to ourselves.  Lucky us!!

So I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys what we have while it is here.

With love and gratitude.

Ross DespresComment