Winter again!

I talked too soon. Winter has arrived, confusing us all as much as nature with the cooler weather outside, let alone in the upstairs of the cottage, brrrrr!!!

We managed a swim, well more so a dip, in the sea yesterday. We went to Petit Bot but it was really low and there were people on the beach so we decided to head to Saints, which was wonderful, we had the whole beach to ourselves and whilst the tide was low, it was more inviting than at Petit Bot. This is a lovely beach, in the olden days it was really rather popular. We have a number of photos of my grandparents on this beach and recently we have been looking through E's old family album and again it features in these too. Funny how trends change, now people are put off by the lack of parking and the long walk up and down the hill!

So we had the new moon on Friday, a Capricorn one, full of potential. I am not sure about anyone else but I was certainly on edge until later that evening when it felt like the energy loosened considerably. It offered power to intentions, quite funny as this has been quite topical in my life recently. The key being to feel your intention and then to let it go from your mind, take out the ego, and just see what manifests in time. I was fortunate to receive Reiki that day and my gosh there was some energy.

However this is something I have noticed already this year. There has been a shift energetically. My Reiki Master and my Reiki friend has noticed it too. Plus I have seen reference to it in the spiritual field generally. We have transformed, are tranforming, becoming lighter. The numbers are Yoga this last ten days have been indicative of this really. We are looking for more, not in material terms for a change, but in terms of our experience of self and the world, we are waking up, becoming more conscious, making informed decisions about our health, our wellbeing and our life generally. It is about time. But of course everything has its own timing.

It is funny as my Yama (ethical principle) of the month is Aparigraha. This is the one, if kept, would have the most profound effect on our western, consumer driven and materialistic society. It is all about being non-possessive, non-accumulative and non-hoarding. It does not require that we get rid of our stuff, only that we let go of our attachment to stuff. And not just to stuff. It is all about acknowledging the things we grasp for, our grasping then, be that people, places, ideas, experience etc etc.

It is the idea that until we have such and such we will not be happy, rather than working from the basis that we are inherently happy and don't need to anything else to make us happy. We become aware of the things the things we truly need, getting rid of stuff we don't need and the stuff that weighs us down. It is all about the fact that clinging to something is a barrier on the path to enlightenment, to freedom then. So this will be a fun month ahead, acknowledging the grasping!!

Going back to our practice. A lady was new to Yoga one evening last week. It was a really busy night and quite warm in the room. The practice was what you wanted to make it with the option was there to make it strong and dynamic with lots of vinyasa. The lady took the vinyasa option and practiced really well. However after the class finished she felt really unwell, light headed and nauseous. Thankfully one of my friends, who is a nurse, was able to sit with her and calm her before she felt able to go home. This does happen. Especially if you have had a toxic time, as many have over the Christmas period. With all the heat and the twisting in the class, the toxins get squeezed out of the organs and can leave you feeling a little unwell, emotional too. It is a healing, but also a little scary if it happens the first time. Water, rest and a regular Yoga practice will help to support the body as it detoxifies and heals further.

So exciting times ahead. Especially if the snow makes it this far South. Awareness, awareness, awareness. Le us all keep practicing.

Om shanti, love and gratitude,
Ross DespresComment