Happy full moon

It was the first full moon of the year yesterday, powerful as ever.  I awoke in the middle of the night and saw it shining through the skylight, incredible, I just love the full moon, thank you Goddess of the Full Moon, it enhances our emotions and provides us with a  good opportunity for healing.

I slept incredibly well last night and I believe that was thanks to a wonderfully calming Yoga session with Fiona Ashdown yesterday, in the Desikachar tradition.  I have to say it really does offer so many benefits on a therapeutic level.  Incredible.  Lots of slowing of the breath, lengthening of the exhalation, gentle movement and chanting of "Om Shanti".

We got out on the cliffs again yesterday too, there is so much benefit to getting out in nature and grounding the feet to the earth, slowing down and breathing fresh air - plus getting the heart pumping on those challenging steps all over the cliffs, they provide the ideal opportunity to increase one's fitness!

In fact I was reminded of all this when I picked up my copy of Candace Pert's "Molecules of Emotion".  This lady is indeed both inspired and inspiring, she really has made leaps in our understanding of long-debated questions, establishing the biomolecular basis for our emotions - it is revolutionary!!

As an Appendix she offers "prevention-orientated tips for healthful, blissful living".  In this she tells us that "we must take responsibility for the way we feel".  I agree entirely - consciously, or more often unconsciously, we are choosing how we feel in every moment, it is not the fault of others whether we feel good or bad, in every moment we have a choice how we react to other people.  It goes without saying, therefore, that the external world is a mirror of our beliefs and expectations - and it is fascinating when you see this at work.  You feel fear, you attract fear.

This actually happened to me the other day.  I knew I could feel fear, not for anything in particular, just that it was there, in my solar plexus.  By coincidence I went for a reflexology session that day and needless to say that night I suffered a few nightmares as the fear came to the surface.  The next day the residue of it was still there for when I pulled an angel card it was the one that creates a sense of fear in me.  I didn't identify with it, laughed at instead.  And so off it went.  But there it was.  Life a reflection of our beliefs and expectations.

So the list from Candace suggests the following for healthful and blissful living:

Your quality of sleep improves the more you link with the motion of the planets.  Ideal time for bed is between 10-11pm, if you want to ensure a restful awakening with the sunrise.

In the early morning envision a wonderful day.

In the morning re-enter the body with body play such as Yoga or a brisk walk.

Spend time in nature every day.  Look at the sky!

Don't starve yourself and eat late.  Ideally eat your largest meal at midday, and don;t eat too late in the evening.

Avoid drugs, legal and illegal.

Consider sugar as a drug with chronic effects right up there with more acknowledged "drugs of choice".

Drink 8 glasses of unchlorinated water every day.

Aim for emotional wholeness.  Try and figure out what is eating you, before it literally does that.  Express your emotions.

If emotions feel stuck then see an alternative or complimentary therapist - these work by shifting our natural balance of internal chemicals around so we can feel as good as possible - Reiki is such a therapy.

Never wind down with the nightly news.  instead read a book, have a bath, say thanks for your wonderful family and friends.

Meditate.  In Candace's words, "Meditation practiced early morning and early evening, routinely, even religiously, is, I believe, the single quickest, easiest, shortest, and cheapest route to feeling good, which means being in sync with your natural feelings".  More about this another time. I do agree with her though.

To conclude, she says, "Last, but definitely not least, health is much more than the absence of illness.  Live in an unselfish way that promotes a feeling of belonging, loving kindness, and forgiveness.  Living like this promotes a state of spiritual bliss that truly helps to prevent illness.  Wellness is trusting in the ability and desire of your bodymind to heal and improve itself given half a chance.  Take responsibility for your own health - and illness.  Delete phrases like, 2my doctor won't let me..." or, "My doctor says I have [name of condition], and there is really nothing I can do" from your speech and thought patterns.  Avoid unscientific beliefs about your need for medications and operations".

Honestly it an incredible book, she is an incredibly lady, what a journey.  What a great reminder as we reach the end of January and begin a new month soon.  All those new year resolutions a distant memory, time to live it rather than dream it, attention, intention, a new month ahead!

With gratitude to the moon,

With love xxx
Ross DespresComment