Beautiful Guernsey

What a wonderful Sunday.  It didn't rain, it didn't snow, it was one of those crisp winter days with a tiny show from the sun (blink and you would have missed it!).  E and I went for a 3 hour walk through the lanes and along the cliffs.  We didn't see a single soul on the cliffs, how amazing is that!  It goes to prove that you can get time out in Guernsey, from the rest of the world that is.

It is all so beautiful on the cliffs, and if I had had my bathers with me I would have been tempted with a swim as the sea looked most inviting!!

I was reminded of course of the benefits of spending time in nature.  Of touching trees and feeling the earth beneath your feet, of smelling the fresh sea air and the cool breeze on your face.  It is so good for the soul and grounding for one's energy.  All too often, especially in winter, we stay cocooned inside by the fire or in the office, travelling from place to another by car, a little disconnected from the outside world except to comment on the weather.

Yoga can of course really make us feel alive at this time of year, balancing the inclination to lay low and sleep.  Sun salutations to warm and strengthen the body, standing poses to ground and lengthen, the list is endless with possibilities, I am very much enjoying taking time out and practicing with Katy Appleton, it helps to keep the spirit high when one is suffering a little from lack of sunshine and warm weather!!

Still the signs of Spring are there, daffodils and cherry blossom, primroses and even violets.  Exciting times ahead, the year of creation indeed, the energy for manifestation is strong, one has to be mindful what one wishes for!!  Full moon on Sunday, a powerful one too, so don't be alarmed if things feel a little heightened this week, it will pass, as everything does, just got to remember to breathe.

Anyhow time to go and spend time on my mat.

Have a wonderful week!!

Love and light and many smiles:-) x
Ross DespresComment