And now it snows

It is snowing!  Wow, how lovely, everything looking so white and pure.  Sadly it is not going to last so we don't get that lovely quiet time without cars on the road and planes in the air.  My garden Buddha is looking rather serene however, and the cat came in all soggy and cold, just as well she has such a big fluffy coat.

E and I were in the UK this week and happened to be staying at a wonderful old manor with the second largest Cedar tree in England growing in its grounds.  Amazing!  I hugged the tree I admit, what an incredible specimen and what wonderful energy. We went for a wander, the lake was frozen, now that was quite a sight for being a Guernsey girl you don't get to see that very often, there was also this rather cool circle of trees, an amazing location for a Yoga session or a get together for earthy bods.  Sadly no sightings of deer.

Yoga classes have calmed a little this week, a combination of the cooler weather and the fact that life does tend to get in the way.  Those who have attended have continued to inspire me in so many ways.  With much gratitude.

The energy has definitely shifted this year and it is all rather exciting.  Things are manifesting quickly, it all depends on your state of mind.  I cannot even begin to tell you the power of thought.  The challenge being to catch your thoughts.  Yoga certainly helps to create space between thoughts, meditation helps one to witness and catch one's thoughts.  It is powerful stuff.

So keep listening to the heart, positive thoughts in mind and amazing things will happen, the angels shall provide.

Love and light,

Ross DespresComment