Swimming in the sea: good for the soul!

We actually swam in the sea at Belvoir on Herm on Saturday, and I have to admit that it was not as painful as I was expecting.  It was the annual E's birthday trip to Herm, where each year we make the most of the free Christmas boats to Herm and traipse around to Belvoir for the obligatory swim in the sea before heading to the Mermaid for a warming cup of tea in front of the fire.

Hayley and Mike came with us again this year and while the rest of us were swimming (only 4 this year, the rest joined us in the Mermaid instead!!) they practiced Tai Chi on the beach, made for a wonderful background while we were flapping around in the freezing cold sea.  It was refreshing to say the least - and yes, I am perhaps a little envious that Mum and Dad will soon be with Ross in Byron where the sea will feel like a bath in comparison!  Oh well, the Atlantic ocean is indeed good for the soul and left me feeling invigorated all day long!!

Herm was at its winter best, clear skies and that wonderful winter light.  We were joined at the Mermaid by a few of E's friends, while Hayley and I shopped, well had a look around the shops, before we all headed back to Guernsey for a quick wander through the French markets and onwards home.  I do love spending time on Herm, slows life down a bit - I can't wait for the next Spring Yoga & Wellbeing retreat, should be lots of fun.

Sunday dawned a little grey, perhaps perfect for the Solar Flow Yoga class out at St Peter's.  It was a busy class, full capacity - good to see so many wanting to continue and enhance their practice so close to Christmas - and we certainly created some heat with a combination of sun salutations, standing, balancing, back bending, forward bending, twisting and inverted poses, I was impressed. 

The emphasis was on light and that was certainly in evidence in the room in St Peter's yesterday morning.  We are all of course a source of light, although it is so easy to forget, and to find ourselves in the darkness from time to time.  Still we should always remember that we do have that light shining inside and Yoga can really help it to shine that little brighter, especially throughout these cold and dark winter months.  I know it helps balance the ying with the yang.

I was buzzing afterwards and set to on all the household chores, more moving of furniture and preparing bedrooms for the arrival of two of E's best friends this week.  I did manage to clean the car too and walk up to the organic veggie store in the lanes near where we live, oh and a swim at the Grande Mare before an early Christmas dinner at my folks.

So with the light decreasing and the temperatures due to drop, I suspect the next few weeks will incorporate a degree of hibernation in front of the fire, or under the heaters at class!  We have 12.12.12 to celebrate on Wednesday - I look forward to joining Caroline Wickham for her 12.12.12 Yoga class.  And then the end of the world is due on 21 December, with the 22 December bringing the winter solstice and the beginning of winter.  And then Christmas and the full moon on the 28th.  Wow, what an end to the year!

With love and gratitude.


Ross DespresComment