The abundance of the Universe

Well the Universe has been very abundant this weekend.

Saturday morning found E and I down at Richmond Beach with the folks in between rain showers collecting vraic for the raised beds in preparation for the next growing season.  You would not have thought it could have been so lovely down there after all the torrential rain that morning, but alas lovely it was, I am always in awe of those winter clouds and sea scenes.

On the way home we were treated to the most amazing rainbow, which just went on and on and on, and at one point it felt that we really were at the end and the pot of gold was waiting around the corner for us!  It crossed my mind as I stared at this fantastic light show in the air - all the colours of the chakras - that you wouldn't believe it possible unless you had grown up knowing that rainbows existed.  Just makes me think how much of life we don't believe, like Reiki and complementary therapies, all that "magic" in the world going unappreciated and utilised.

I was reminded of this again yesterday when I happened to be down at Vazon again and was blown away by the clouds, which just seemed to hang in the air, as if our creator was going - look, look at what we can create, there is no end to beauty in this world, and it is free and it is here, you just to have to pay attention to the moment and notice the gifts I leave for you all over the place.  Mind blowing.

We walked at Pleinmont too together with half the population of Guernsey it felt!  This is a particularly special place for me, what with the fairy ring and the fact that the sea is often in its full rough glory, immense power so you are immediately reminded who is boss in the greater scheme of things and the amount of energy which exists in this world.

I feel this is one of the joys of Yoga, the ability to tap into our inherent energy, to help to free energetic blocks, physical and mental of course, which prevent us from experiencing life to its fullest, or prevent us from fulfilling our true potential. All those limiting patterns we have created, which live in our minds and in our bodies.  They say the body is the unconscious mind, and so what better way to become conscious than through the body, noticing the movement patterns we have created, noticing the restrictions we feel, investigating whether those patterns and restrictions are serving us, or indeed are actually real.

When we heal, there has to be a point where we stop identifying with out "old" self.  If we constantly tell ourselves we have a bad back, then when do we ever stop having a bad back?  if we always say that we cannot do something, then at which point do we ever open ourselves up to the potential of doing exactly that.  I was reminded of this in reading a message from my Yoga teacher,  the wonderfully inspiring Lance Schuler from Byron, on facebook where he said,

"On Route To Shanghai China tomorrow....preparing for 1 month TTC.....intention # removal of limiting concepts and obstacles that create resistant patterns...Om Shanti..Namaste"

So there is always potential and for me the rainbows and the clouds and the waves all help to re-iterate this point, not least these gifts, but also the messages they contain and of course the effect they have on my soul, which positively shines in their presence.  Its all about presence!  of and abundance.

This was something I spent a good hour talking about with an old school friend on Friday night.  The fact that the Universe is abundant and we can have anything we want, we just have to ask and open our hands and indeed our heart to receive.  Not to say we receive what we want in the way we expect to receive it and the Universe works on its own time frame.  But all the same if you don't believe then you don't get.  And sometimes even though you think you believe, on some level there is doubt and underneath all doubt is of course fear.  Fear that you may actually be worthy enough to receive, and fear that your life may change as a result of the gift.

Here is a lovely affirmation to encourage abundance, and the recognition thereof - "I accept good graciously into my life.  All of my need are met abundantly for me now and always".

So on that note, happy week ahead, full of magic and joy and of course a new moon tomorrow with all its new and open beginnings...

Om shanti


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