Full moon energy!

So we have a full moon on Wednesday, a powerful one too, emotionally unsettling, so hold on tight, only a few more hours to go as it shakes things up.

Things certainly were challenging on Saturday with poor Jo being sick for the Reiki tasting sessions.  From the experience however I learnt to make sure to have everyone's contact details.  Apologies again to those of you who has to miss out, and thank you to everyone who supported and embraced the lovely Reiki energy.  It was a lovely day with all that wonderful Reiki energy in the room.

So once again the weather is a touch challenging, as I have said so many times before, nature is reminding us of our need for respect and humility, and awareness of the important things in life - like a roof over your head and warm and dry clothes to wear, fresh food on your plate and a source of fresh clean water.

It is perhaps only my perception as we see what we feel, but it does seem that life has gone very busy all of a sudden for so many people.  Lots of demands on one's times, and this is only going to get worse with the festivities of Christmas encroaching on the calendar.

For me, I feel on that treadmill as work has been very demanding and so I have been spending more time in the office than I would do usually. It is a complete joy to teach most evenings and I am loving seeing so many faces in class these days, in fact last week I didn't think we could fit anymore people into the Yoga space, but last night we somehow managed it - I am truly humbled, thank you to all of you who made the effort to attend.

It is certainly warming to see so many people interested in Yoga these days and especially seeing some old faces returning again.  This is the year of change and the year of reckoning for so many of us, our spirit yearning for more spiritual input.

The change thing is scary, each week I hear of some new momentous change occurring in some one's life.  No wonder the demand for Yoga and Reiki, as everyone adjusts to their new way of living, or seeks the change in the first place.

As for E and I, well we are escaping on Friday to celebrate his birthday in London looking for Banksy originals and finding some cool charity shops (I hope), plus getting to a few Yoga classes, which is hugely exciting for me.  We are training it up to Edinburgh too so I can meet my best friend's new addition and show E this wonderful city, albeit cold and dark at this time of year.  The train journey should be interesting as it seems that much of the UK is under water right now, my heart goes to all those who have lost homes and possessions.  It will be good to have a break to slow life down again, although I suspect this will hapepn anyway, once the full moon has passed.

On that note, enjoy the full moon and keep practicing!

Love and light and much gratitude,

Om shanti,


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