Feet on the ground again!

So it seems that life is changing for so many of us this year, indeed it feels that the whole world is changing a little.  I had hoped we would all wake up a little, find more inner peace and from that experience a collective outer peace but yet still there are troubles in the Middle East and children and adults being killed in the name of land and religious rights.

It is at times like these, that I am particularly grateful for my life here in Guernsey where we are so safe.  It is so easy to take that fore granted, it is indeed the norm, and yet what a wonderful gift to be able to go to work and to the shops without fear of losing your life in gun battle and war.

Of course there are still irritations, the continuous road works certainly test my calmness and flexibility to change, but it is so beautiful  and we are lucky, particularly with all the wonderful autumnal colours, the leaves on the trees turning orange and yellow and glowing in the evening light.

I managed a swim in the sea yesterday, I actually swam too.  It made me feel hugely better, especially lying in the bath afterwards and warming myself in front of an open fire during the afternoon.

Talking of fires, the cat was in heaven last week.  The underfloor heating went a bit berserk and was much hotter than it should have been.  The cat was in her element, fully exposed to the floor, loving every minute of the heat warming her fur. They are incredible cats, they seem to have this incredible ability to sniff out warmth in the house.  She always takes the seat closest to the fire and the stupid thing is that neither E nor I have the heart to move her so we squash up at the opposite end of the sofa.  And then she has this incredible ability to make me do what she wants, I have never know a cat to be quite so manipulative.  I definitely think they have sorted in life, and appreciate the simple things.  I learn a lot just from watching the way she moves, let alone the way she manages her time. No wonder the Yogis learnt so much about watching animals and nature in action (and non-action).

The Company where I work as the company secretary was finally sold last week, marking the end to an intense few weeks, which saw me having to pass the Herm Yoga & Wellbeing retreat to Caroline, who enjoyed the opportunity enormously and did me a huge favour - so thank you Caroline, so much appreciated - with much love.  I now have a date for the March retreat, 15-17 March and I am already very much looking forward to teaching Yoga in Herm again.  By then the Spring flowers should be in abundance and the days lengthening, what a perfect way to clear away the cobwebs after a winter of hibernating.

So life as I know it has shifted a little with a change to working culture and all that entails.  Plus I have finally signed up for my next Yoga therapy training, having started the process a few years ago now in Vancouver.  This time, it is a less hand-on approach to therapy on the Yoga mat and I am hugely excited about sharing my new found knowledge and experience with people who have therapeutic needs.  Indeed already I have a number of students in class for whom I adapt the class to suit their needs, which makes for a more interesting class ensuring everyone is ok in whatever pose or variation of a pose we are practicing.

Yoga can help enormously in so many ways, there is an article on my website about Yoga and fertility and how a regular practice can really enhance women's chances of conceiving.  Furthermore, it can really help support pregnancy and I am delighted to say that little George was born to Jenny recently, who attended class throughout her pregnancy - congratulations Jenny!

With Christmas approaching, I notice that students tend to put their practice on hold until the New Year, when really maintaining a practice throughout this time can really help to support the stress that accompanies "silly season", helping one to keep their feet on the ground as life speeds up to the big day. I am hoping there will be more chance for people to practice in the New Year with a new Saturday morning class.  I had hoped this could take place in the slightly warmer St Martin's community centre but sadly there are no regular slots available.  if anyone in Guernsey knows of anywhere that is warm, central, spacious and reasonably priced then please do let me know as finding Yoga space is not an easy process on a small Island.

So life has been rather quiet this weekend, catching up with life so to speak and spending some time retreating in front of the fire and on my mat, reading books, catching up with admin, cleaning and tidying and filling the fridge with food for the week ahead, grounding then, and here we are already Monday and time to begin the week all over again.

So on that note time to take to my mat and set my intention for the week ahead.

With love to one and all.


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