New moon, new starts

The weather has certainly helped to improve one's outlook this last few days.  The rain was intense last week and it felt to me almost like the planet was weeping, healing, cleansing, for now the skies have cleared, the new moon is upon us and autumn is in the air after the milder temperatures recently.

I have a feeling that nature is a little confused.  On Saturday E and I spent 4 hours walking on the cliffs from Saints to town and I could not help noticing that not only are the blackberries late this year but they are not very juicy or tasty at all.  I guess they are suffering from the lack of rain we had earlier this year.  There is still honey suckle on the cliffs, which seems a little late in the season and there are swallows swooping over the East coast, surely they should have flown South by now?

We managed a swim in the sea at Petit Bot Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Now that has changed.  It feels so cold already, no idea how we will manage to keep this going all year this year!  I like to think it is good for us, soothing for the skin, great for the internal organs and cleansing for the energy, but my gosh, it is a mental challenge! 

Sunday found me on the cliffs again, this time with my parents and walking from Petit Bot to the Gouffe and back again.  The cliffs are stunning, we are so lucky over here in Guernsey to have access to such beauty so easily.  Needless to say I slept very well both nights, they really do help to ground the energy.

What blew my mind yesterday was the incredible clouds, they just didn't seem real, amazing gifts from God up there in the sky, to say nothing of all the other gifts we overlook each day.  Still it all depends on our state of mind.  What we present to the world, is what we experience.  if we think we look ugly, we will present ugly to the world.  Better to see ourselves with a loving heart for then we experience the love of the world.  Well, we try!!

So here we are, mid October and still able to wear flipflops without too much bother.  Interesting to consider the winter we may have, I do find these changing weather patterns rather fascinating.  I am only thankful for our new log burning stove - the cat thinks she has died and gone to heaven lying in front of that on her fluffy cushion!

This weather really does encourage me to want to continue my retreating, it is so refreshing to be quieter after such an active summer.  Roll on another week (not that I am wishing my life away!) and I will be retreating once more this time in rural Devon, I can't wait, I don't think you can out a price on the opportunity to take yourself away from your life and spend time with like minded people in a quiet and spiritual environment.

So happy new moon everyone, time for new beginnings once more, letting go of the old to make way for the new, enjoy the weather and the calming energy of the moon.

With gratitude.

Ross DespresComment