Where have the swallows gone?!

There has been something missing on my route through the St Andrew's lanes these last few days - the swallows.  Yes, it seems they have moved on.  So too the wonderful house sparrow who has been waking me each morning throughout the summer singing his morning chorus.  Change.

I can feel it in the air.  Autumn is on its way.  Endings are never easy.  In life generally.  And yet there have to be endings to create space for new beginnings.  However we do like to resist change.  Because change is new and unknown and we would often rather stay in our little comfort zone, even if it is no longer serving us, and heck, even causing us some pain, than let go and move on to new things, often better things.

Yoga can help so much to create this process and indeed to support this process.  At its core is its ability to help us to transform ourselves, bring us closer to ourselves and helping us to shed the weight of stuff (the false armour then) we have collected along the road, which no longer (and often never did) add any value to who we are.

Sadly we live in a society where we are always looking for a painless and quick fix solution to changing some element of ourselves or our lives and wondering why it never really lasts.  Lots of effort and still we have the same body, the same perspective, the same habits and behaviour patterns.  We never really get to the core of it, to the inner block of energy, to the mental construct that has shaped how we now present ourselves with our health issue, our mood swings, our anxiety, depression and constant battle with our weight (see, it is true we are battling always).

So much easier to take to your mat and practice, practice, practice.  It may take years, but transformation will come.  So that things just naturally drop off, so that you are not even aware that that issue that has been plaguing you for so long  has gone. So too that knee issue, that back issue, that inability to sleep, the anxiety, the insecurity all those energetic channels soothed and flowing again.  Ultimately we are all energy, manifestations of energy.

I can feel change in my own life, not only have the angel cards made this clear to me, but I am beginning to recognise the signs in my own behaviour patterns when change is afoot, the feeling that your heart is breaking with the loss, and yet now knowing that this is not forever, just a stage, just a day, just a moment, all things pass.  So best not to cling on, just go with the flow, take to the mat, enjoy some Reiki and let that layer drop off. 

This is really the time of abundance.  The greenhouse is packed full of tomatoes and butternut squash and lettuce and soft fruit.  Outside we have tons of french beans and peas and so much Swiss chard, why on earth did I think we needed to plant so much in the first place!!!  With much gratitude to the sun and the moon, to the rain clouds and the bees, to everything that plays a role in creating such yummy vegetables that appear on my plate each evening!!

It is time to sit and smell the roses, enjoy the garden, swimming in the sea, walking barefoot on the earth and bbqing with friends and family!

With love and gratitude.

Ross DespresComment