Once in a blue moon - this Friday!

What a lovely bank holiday weekend, thankfully the sun shone on Sunday for much fun and dancing at the Vale Earth Fair.  It seems the VEF has created some good karma over the years, for it rained good and proper on Saturday and indeed some rain on Monday too.

Autumn is now in the air, there is no doubting it, I can feel the shift in the temperature and the smell of the air in the mornings, plus the nights are noticeably drawing in.  Like every change, it can be a shock to the system and I admit that i do not relish the long cold and dark winter months ahead.  Still there is something special about the transition between the seasons and the reminder that nothing stays the same and there is always beauty to be seen!

The sea is wonderfully warm at the moment.  Well relatively.  I am sure it is much warmer in Australia and the Indian Ocean, but there you go, can't win them all.  Still swimming at high tide at Petit Bot is rather special, looking up at the cliffs with all the heathers appearing and if you are really lucky the odd kestrel can be seen.

Talking of which, I went running along the cliffs the other morning, from Icart to Petit Bot and was treated to a fabulous display of 3 buzzards flying in the thermals a little ahead of me the whole way.  It was one of those moments when you feel that life has offered you a gift, all to yourself, something that probably won't ever repeat itself but will stick in your memory as being one of those memorable moments.

Memorable moments are all around us if only we stop and look and listen. That is the reason I love Yoga so much, it helps us to slow down and smell the roses, quite literally!!

Talking of smelling the roses, I feel that the full moon due this Friday - a blue moon nonetheless - is really encouraging us to slow down and retreat inside a little, ground, centre and calm for the season ahead.  These blue moons are unusual and full of energy.  So this Friday perhaps do a little burning bowl ceremony, letting go of things no longer serving you, and encouraging in the new...you'll be amazed of its power, just remember to give thanks to the Goddess of the Moon.  Oh and don't forget to cleanse your crystals - and be aware of cleansing yourself too, may be an idea to get your feet in some salted water once you have bathed in the moon's light.

Happy blue moon!!

Ross DespresComment