Full moon and swallows dancing

It was the full moon last Thursday and what a fine moon it was too, its usual powerful stuff, certainly kept us hanging on until the last minute, so that Friday brought with it a binding of energies and resulting conclusions and clarity.  Phew.  There will be a second full moon in August on 31 August, a blue moon no less, so hang on tight, this is going to be an interesting 4 weeks ahead.

Friday evening was the last of the Castle Cornet music evenings, which we enjoyed with friends over a civilised picnic in the fresh air.  You can't beat that bringing together and sharing of food, sitting on the earth in nature, the high tide surrounding the castle, the sun setting and the moon rising.  Once again a time to acknowledge one's blessings.  Simply the ability to sit on the earth is a blessing, so many struggle with sore hips and backs and legs.  The joy of asana, the ability to sit!

We camped in Herm on Saturday night.  Now this is special.  I don't know that you can find many camping spots which are so peaceful and offer such fabulous views - for us the northern end of Shell beach and Alderney in the distance. The swallows were out in force, swooping and dancing around the tent and across the field, I could watch them for hours, such grace in their movements.

Needless to say the weather was its usual testing self, one moment bright skies and sunshine, the next rain.  Still it is what it is and offers yet another opportunity for mindful acceptance of the present.  Herm is of course beautiful, the ideal place to get away from it all, quiet and peaceful with so many beautiful flowers and those wonderful beaches so that we swam lots of times.

It is what it is and what is, is what we make it.

With love,

Ross DespresComment