Allow the light to enter

Needless to say after writing my last blog entry last week, cycling through the lanes and lo and behold, there were some swallows flying across my path.  Admittedly not as many as there had been a few weeks ago; but swallows nonetheless.  It was actually quite interesting for I had just been reading a book about how the mind distorts reality and affects our moods etc.  And here was an example presented to me. 

For when it seemed that the swallows had left, all of a sudden I felt this sense of loss, a sadness then, that summer was ending.  In actual fact the swallows had not left at all.  So really my sadness and sense of loss had nothing to do with reality, but only to do with my perceived sense of reality, which was distorted, as it so often is.  Of course we only tend to see things from our own perspective and our life is a mirror of those perceptions - we feel sadness, we see sadness, we feel angry, we see anger, we feel happy, we see happiness.  And so on it goes.  The key of course, if there is such a thing, is to practice mindful kindness and compassion.  What a great world for us all to live in if we all practiced mindful kindness and compassion and all we saw was kindness and compassion!  Sounds like paradise to me.

It has been a challenging week.  In my own life change has been knocking on the door and the new moon certainly spiced that up with some powerful energy to encourage the process.  The dust has not settled yet and nor will it for a while, we still have to wane down the season, float a while on this end of summer wave of holidays and ungroundedness, the blue moon due on the 31st August to really stir things up, if they haven't already been stirred up, and then perhaps by the middle of September everything will be clearer and have come together...

In the interim, I am reminded of the love that fills life.  The love with one's partner, one's friends,  one's family and ultimately for the world as a whole.  The highs and lows, the real nitty gritty of what it means to be human, played out in the real world, through our relationships with ourselves, with each other, the whole of humanity.  John Lennon wrote the song, "All you need is love" and he was right, that is all you need.  We have, of course, lost sight of that these days. Rumi, Hazif, Sa'di, all the mystical poets knew this too.  Sa'di wrote this wonderful poem, "One body":

"All human beings
are the members
of one body -
every person is a glint,
shining from a single gem.

When the world causes pain for one member,
how could the other members
ever rest in peace?

If you lack grief
for another one's sorrow,
why call yourself
a human being".

And Rumi, in one of my favourite poems called "Trading in Love's Currency":

Reason said, "We live in a world
of six directions - and that is it!"

Love replied, "There is a path beyond,
and I have travelled it many times."

Reason saw a market and set up shop,
but love trades in another currency altogether."

Sometimes a darkness comes before the light can re-appear again, breaking away the mental patterns that create your sense of reality so that your sense of reality transforms and so your life does too, so life is lighter, brighter, filled with more love, more compassion and more kindness towards the whole of humanity.  One has to allow the process its own timing, and its own space, helped hugely with a regular Yoga practice, Reiki, homeopathy and reflexology, even massage therapy.  It is all about changing the energy.  And it is all about the heart.

So on that note, follow your heart, love yourself and do the things you love and all will be well.

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