Dancing in the moonlight

Well this has certainly been one of the best birthdays I have had for a few years now.  It started early on Friday with dinner and presents with my parents, E and the woofer.  I was indeed spoilt as ever - thank you Mum and Dad.

On Saturday I was spoily even more by E, my brother and my friends.  Thank you all.  I got to practice while E prepared breakfast and then we managed a swim in the sea at low tide Petit Bot before our trip to Jersey.  Nothing like a birthday swim to clear the cobwebs for a new year - we even received a round of applause from some visitors watching on the beach, little did they know that the sea is actually rather warm these days!

So off to Jersey with the sun shining over head - lucky me, it seems the weather goddess was shining upon all us festival goers this weekend, although she seems to have forgotten that it is July, as once more the rain falls.  Mind you what do we expect, it is 2012 after all, the year of reckoning on so many levels, shifts occuring all over the place, so not surprising perhaps that the weather is as gloomy as the global economic state.  And while the sun did shine (all those sun salutations paid off!), it was a touch windy, and cold in the wind too!  Jumper on, jumper off, jumper on, jumper off...!

Still it was wonderful to get away for the weekend and celebrate my birthday with Van Morrison at the Jersey folklore festival.  Not that I celebrated with him per se, but we were fortunate to be right at the front of the stage and I was blown away by his presence (for he is a gift and indeed gifted) and taken to a different world with his live rendition of "dancing in the moonlight".  Thank you so very much.

We watched some other good acts too.  "The Reck" were over from Sark, in fact they are Sark's no 1 band and very good too.  Felt rather proud of them actually.  Then there was Nouvelle Vague, who are decidedly quirky, and therefore incredibly mesmorising and uplifting, I could have watched them for hours longer.  Not so perhaps Finley Quaye, but Badly Drawn Boy was great and didn't want to leave the stage.  There were other too, although sadly we missed the last acts on the Sunday as we had to get the boat back home - typical that the one time you want the boat to be late, it is actually on time!!!

We weren't solely at the festival all weekend - what a great energy it had though, very chilled and laid back with only a splattering of familiar faces from home - as we bumped into old family friends in St Helier on Saturday afternoon and sat and chatted in the sunshine over a glass of bubbles.  And then on Sunday we met my Reiki Master (and friend) and her husband who now live in Jersey, for lunch out at Portlet.  So while E and Gary got to talk boys things, Ally and  got to catch up with our spiritual chatter, which is always enlightening and uplifting.

So now here we are, back at home, preparing for my best friend visiting Guernsey after 10 years away.  Amazing how time flies.  I have all my new gifts to absorb too, I have been blown away by the generosity, so many more crystals and books, so I shall be vibrtaing with energy and able to disappear into my own book world!!

Plus of course, let us not forget that the full moon will be upon us in a few days time so we can literally dance in the moonlight!!  Maybe you can already feel her wonderful energy.  Remember to ground down, Yoga will help, it always does, getting those roots planted and feet on the earth.

With thanks, love and gratitude.

Ross DespresComment