Summer solstice!

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the sun is at its full power.  The festival of the summer solstice is concerned with fire and water, because form this point onwards, the sun will decline in power.  The symbol of the sun represents keeping the sun alive, while water is used for the ritual blessing of individuals, sacred wells and springs.

In the past, our ancestors would leap or pass over fires - it was believed that the higher they jumped, the higher the crops would grow.  Another symbol used at this time is the wheel.  The turning of the wheel suggest the turning, or progression, of the seasons.

Symbolically, the Solstice is the time to nurture our goals or efforts.  That which we have been working for during the year should now be within our range.  So light a floating candle to give you power (fire) and keep your emotions even (water) as you continue to work towards your goal.

All rather exciting, there is certainly some stuff going on out there.  These lighter evenings are simply incredible, the skies at 10pm are delightful from my bedroom window, and I am sure they are equally, if not more beautiful, first thing in the morning, if only I could shake myself from bed super early!!

The weather is looking dodgy for tomorrow, which is quite a shame as I really want to finally teach a class at the fairy ring, what with all that fairy ring energy, to give thanks to the sun, but alas there may be too much rain.  So everyone keep praying.

Happy solstice!


Ross DespresComment