The miracle of growing

I cannot tell you how exciting it was yesterday to realise that I had managed to grow some calabrese all on my own, well with a little help from Mum.  It was like a miracle, this seemingly perfect organic calabrese, not a slug in site, no caterpillars, no white fly.  Here it was, a gift from the Universe.  They do come in all guises.

So E and I ate that for our dinner last night as there are another 4 about to need eating too.  that is the trouble, it all happens at once.  We have berries, not as many as normal, but still, a few punnets of loganberries and boysenberries, raspberries and even some blueberries.  The soft fruit is on its way too, mirabelles, greengages and a few apricots, maybe some nectarines although the poor tree is rather stressed from blackfly, despite the crystals I have hung from it.

I am reading this fantastic book by Pema Chodron, which has really helped the penny to drop, so that all this reiki, and the time off, plus a change in my dialy Yoga practice, has created a shift.  Now it is a matter of processing.  I do so love the trans formative nature of Yoga and Reiki, that all of a sudden, you start to feel differently, something moves that has been blocking your way of seeing from this different perspective.  Not that one should get carried away into the ego of all of it, it doesn't mean that we are wiser or more enlightened, or any of that stuff, only that we are perhaps kinder to ourselves, and it is incredible what a difference that makes, when we free ourselves a little, and the energy we attract back in.  Letting go is the hardest part.

I have let go of my stress about this weather, that is for sure.  If anything this inconsistency is simply a reflection of the state of the world at the moment.  2012.  Hmm.  There is certainly some stuff going on out there that will be part of the bigger picture one day.  It makes me appreciate the sun when it arrives, I am more able to go with the flow somehow.  Embrace it whilst you can.

It is the solstice this Thursday.  From memory, the weather the last few years has never been great.  There is a big shift in the world's angle, or something like that, and the power of the sun will be at its highest and then start to decrease, so more change afoot on many levels.  I am simply enjoying these later evenings, time to make the most of them this week!

On that note, perhaps a few sun salutations would not go amiss, time to make the most of the weather after all.

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