Kestrels flying free

Good grief, what on earth is going on with this weather.  I was even dreaming about it last night, I guess I must have some fear that we are not going to get a summer this summer.  Today here in Guernsey we are cocooned in a cloud of fog, which I find ever so suffocating.  It is quite though, without the aeroplanes so there is a positive to every negative I suppose!!

The solstice was a wash out of course, such a shame, but indicative of the change in the position of the earth perhaps, all that wind blowing away the cobwebs as a shift occurs in all our lives.  I managed my own ritual and I cleansed myself in the sea with a swim at Petit Bot, which I had all to myself, how magical to change in between the rocks, naked to the world!!

On Saturday, I attended a chanting session with a lovely teacher from the UK.  I just love chanting.  It is so powerful, I can't really explain, you just need to try it for yourself and experience its positive effects. We chanted in honour of the sun, the Surya Mantra, which is believed to heal and strengthen the heart and the liver.  I certainly left feeling much more alive and invigorated than when I arrived, and that was after a mere 45 minutes.  I wrote an article about it a few months ago, to try to share my own experience - you can see them on my website in the articles section on the front page.

We did manage a walk along the cliffs on Sunday afternoon to make the most of a dry spell.  Those oxy daisies are just stunning around Petit Port and Jerbourg.  So too all the wild flowers, as ever, lots of pinks and yellows.  The cliffs never cease to amaze me with their beauty.

Our garden is looking rather healthy at the moment, all this unsettled rain and sun has promoted the amount of greenery everywhere.  We have planted quite a few flowers this last few weeks, so August should provide a colourful background, especially if we get the sunshine to enable us to enjoy the garden.

The highlight this last week, however, has been the discovery of a kestrel nest just off the back of our garden, on the edge of the quarry.  We have been hearing this loud shrilling noise for a few days and had a feeling it was a young kestrel as they had nested in the same spot last year and the timing is right for babies.  So I started sitting outside and just waiting for something to appear, and sure enough there is a Mum, Dad and young kestrel learning to fly.  So I have spent quite a bit of time the last week sitting on the table out the back over the quarry, watching them flying in circles.  I have figured out a number of their resting places and the holes they like to use on the other side of the quarry.

It has been rather special actually.  Not only has it encouraged me to still, but also patient, which strangely is one of the spiritual significances of finding a kestrel in your life - a message for timing, decisiveness, patience, being so in touch with your body that you know your own abilities and limitations, and creativity.  Of course I can read into this, as this "spiritual significance" contains many of the lessons I am being encouraged to learn by the Universe - especially timing and patience, which are not easy, because you have to relinquish all control!!!

There is a lot to be said for the spiritual significance of an animal or bird that keeps appearing in your life.  It has often come to teach you something, and google is full of sites where you can read the significance.  It is a little like crystals, they will come into your life for a reason too.  You see the messages from the Universe are everywhere, an acknowledgement that the angels are communicating with you regularly - you are not alone after all, even if it feels that way sometimes.

So this week is a little busy with quite a few privates and working commitments.  Still, it is my birthday on Saturday and we are off to Jersey to attend the Folklore festival and see Van Morrison live, plus catch up with my Reiki Master, so I am looking forward to that very much.  I shall keep praying for sunshine.

So back to my mat now,meditating on the concept of timing and patience!

In light and with love,

Om Shanti,

Ross DespresComment