Hold on for the full moon, another eclipse 4 June x

Wow, crazy week, I have been super busy with a number of private clients and the office work.  All happens at once!  The weather was wonderful at the beginning of the week, I managed a couple of swims in the sea, too tempting to miss.  On Tuesday I joined Jane for  a training cliff walk.  It was really strange as the weather was beautiful in the centre of the Island, but a sea mist coated the cliffs so the views were not as obvious as usual. 

Still the cliffs are still stunning, especially around Petit Port, with the wonderful daisies.  We managed a good hour and a half, it really is great to know that I have to get out on the cliffs to train for Three Peaks - gives me a wonderful excuse to take "time out" in the afternoon!!  So too all the cycling, amazing how quickly the body adapts and the fitness increases - not that the cycle home from town gets any easier!

Finally we have some fruit in the greenhouse - admittedly we have had strawberries for a while now, but now we have loganberries and tayberries and boysenberries too, all rather exciting.  We still have asparagus and lots of lettuce, rocket and spinach, all rather exciting!

This weekend I have treated myself to some Yoga classes courtesy of Sheila - Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get to class myself - a refreshing break form my own practice, where it is all too easy to get into a rut and practice the same stuff.  Mind you I find that power yoga a little challenging, wow, I must admit my preferred choice is certainly a lovely flowing and graceful vinyasa class!

Today, after Yoga, I cycled into town and got the Trident across to Herm to join E and his Mum for lunch.  We walked around the whole Island first before enjoying lunch in the courtyard.  We ended up staying the whole day - amazingly the weather improved, the sun shone and we got to sit on Belvoir for an hour or so and even went for the first Belvoir swim of the Year.  Cold!!

So all in all a good started to the bank holiday weekend.  We are off to London tomorrow to see Coldplay play tomorrow night. This coincides with yet another powerful full moon - you can probably feel the energy building, going to be a strong one, another eclipse, hopefully marking an end to the recent transition.  Hoping to make it to a Yoga class to ground the energy.  Very important to try ans ground as much as possible the next few days.

Happy holidays!


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