Crazy energy!

Wow, what an incredible time of it we are having at the moment, lunar eclipses, Venus transiting the sun, crazy wind and rain and cold too.  Such a shame for the Jubilee, but everyone rallied to the occasion regardless.

In London we dressed up super warm for our wanderings along the South Bank, before heading up to the Emirates stadium for the Coldplay concert.  Wonderful, absolutely amazing, all those things, Chris Martin is inspired and indeed inspiring.  Coldplay certainly know how to run a show, lights and fireworks and an incredible energy - I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it.

On Tuesday Ewan and I ventured into London and were quite fortunate to end up on on a railing on Whitehall, opposite downing street, where we could afford views of the passing procession.  So after a wait for 30 minutes or so, and no rain amazingly, I crouched barefoot, on top of the railings, holding on to Ewan and getting a good view of the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, Harry and William.  The next 30 minutes were a little stressful as the crowds were insane and we were caught in a  bottleneck trying to get off the main drag.

Still we managed it and headed towards Waterloo, stopping on the strand for a cup of tea, at which point is started to rain.  We were fortunate - and quite by chance - to time our departure from the cafe with the fly pass, which happened to fly over head.  Lucky us!  We headed up to China Town to meet friends before heading back towards their home for a much needed early night.

The thing with London is that we tend to walk and walk and walk.  It is great exercise!  Sadly no Yoga classes, but one has to go with flow.

Back home I always find it a little tough to get going.  The weather doesn't help, nor the catch up at work from the bank holidays.  Plus I am not sleeping, which is very strange and quite an awareness of the effects of sleep deprivation!  Having said that, I did sleep on Wednesday night and I can't help thinking that that was either the effects of all the walking in London and travelling, or more so, the fact we held a shoulderstand for quite some time at class the other night.  Known for switching on the parasympathetic nervous system, it is recommended to practice shoulderstand before bed to encourage sleep.  It works.  I shall be doing that this evening!!

As for this inablity to sleep, I wonder if there is something strange going on with the energy out there, certainly feeling a little unsettled and transitory has to remember to remain positive - positive thoughts, create positive experiences, got to catch those thoughts a minute before thinking them!

Actually it is for this reason that I have been enjoying going to class as much as I can this last few weeks.  Just so nice to get into that Yoga headspace, not always so easy in one's own self practice.  I believe my soul is yearning for some spiritual space and teachings, all about the timing - patience, faith and the teacher revealing themselves.

In the interim it looks like we need to all be practicing some sun salutations and helping the sun to shine!!

With gratitude.

Ross DespresComment