Keep grounding

It has been some time since I last wrote here as life has been rather busy.  There has been quite a lot of Yoga going on this week and lots of organising what with the "Get Active" free classes last night and the Yoga "class on the grass" happening tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Plus of course everything is growing down at the greenhouse and so I have put in a little bit of time helping Mum.

I do love it down at my parents' place, grounding and relaxing, plus a complete sun trap, which has been wonderful with this lovely sunny weather - hoorah it seems that summer is almost here, we have been able to lie in the sun reading books and weed and plant in bikinis!  I have even managed two swims in the sea at Petit Bot this week, rather pitiful compared to last year but better than nothing.  Still cold I am afraid!

So today we planted out the last of the raised beds.  We have quite a few kale, Swiss chard, sprout and tomato plants left over so we are hoping these will go to good homes tomorrow.  We are certainly going to be busy picking when it all comes to fruition.  Exciting stuff!  Hopefully by then the woofers will be here to help as there is already lots of weeding to be doing - far too hot in the greenhouse this week. 

The poor nectarine tree is under some stress at the moment due to blackfly.  We have used some organic stuff but it doesn't seem to be helping that much.  I hung a crystal from it and put more around the base of the trunk, will be interested to see if they make any difference.  I keep meaning to play some Tibetan singing bowl in the the greenhouse to raise the general energy - those fruit trees and vegetable plants will be super charged with prana!!  Let alone the Reiki we do on them, plus of course Mum talks to them all the time:-)

So at the moment we are going through some pretty powerful energetic changes out there and dont' I know it.  Admittedly I have not helped myself - in I have in the long term I guess - by indulging in quite a bit of reiki recently and also some wonderful reflexology so I have certainly been feeling and living through some stuff.  It all comes to a head on Monday 4 June and I must admit I am looking forward to that, plus the full moon a few days later.  So in the interim, make sure to ground - lots of feet on the earth and a spot of gardening, maybe even a swim in the sea or simply sitting on some rocks.

I have already decided that I am going to retreat as much as I can in June and enjoy the training for the Three peaks with lots of outdoor activity and of course helping Mum with the growing.  Like an oak tree we need to take time to nourish ourselves, before we grow again.  Integration and synthesis I guess.  And that good old advice - look after yourself, so that then you have the energy to look after others.  Very true!

Anyhow in the interim, off for a quiet night, looking forward to the Yoga tomorrow.

With gratitude.


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