Moon set and sun rise!

I am simply in awe of the magic and beauty of Spring this year. Perhaps it is always like this and I have just simply never noticed before.

It seems to have happened over night, one day it was winter and the next Spring had arrived bringing with it all this colourful new life.

E and I have managed quite a few runs in the last week, we were out on the cliffs early Saturday morning and it really was incredible with a particularly high tide lapping up the cliffs below and the gorse beside us with its abundant and bright yellow flower.

There are primroses and daffodils everywhere, I don't think you can beat a field full of daffodils, it blows my mind that nature created this somehow. And then there is the magnolia coming into full blossom, there is a magnolia tree at the bottom of the lane and I keep meaning to take a photograph as it brings a smile to my face each time I pass it as it is just so beautiful. And let's not forget the blossom on the cherry and apple trees. We are really lucky, it seems that there is Spring colour everywhere we look over here.

The moon has just added to the spectacular expression of nature this week. It was bright and shining on Wednesday and then in full "full moon" glory on Thursday and what with the clear skies, the stars were quite a sight too. I have feeling it was a rather powerful full moon, filled with magic and possibility. My crystals were certainly glowing from their night time bathing in the moon's rays!

The running has been improving. E is a task master and there are moments when I long for him to stop telling me how much longer we have to go, and whether we are going to make our targets and especially when he tells me my feet are sounding too heavy on the road - there are moments when I feel lucky that I am able to move my feet at all because I tell you, sometimes this running malarkey is hard work, especially at 7.30 in the morning!

I have to say though, I have been feeling great. I have this theory that the stronger our body is, the stringer our mind is too. I see it in Yoga, indeed I feel it in Yoga. Whenever I am on a retreat or on a dedicated Yoga trip and I practice a strong class at least once a day then my mind tends to become stronger in the process. The same thing happens with exercise generally, the difference being that Yoga puts far less pressure on our joints and also makes us far more self-aware and conscious - it is easy to lose yourself when running, whereas Yoga brings us back to ourselves. Still there are benefits in both.

We managed a swim in the sea yesterday too. High tide at Vazon and straight off the slipway. There was an undercurrent so we were washed out far further than intended and had to actually swim back to shore so no quick dip for us like normal! The sea temperature is about 2 degrees higher than it should be at this time of year, not that you would notice, still feels very cold!

This morning I was awake super early to finish some decorating I started over the weekend (why oh why oh why) so I ventured out into the garden with my cup of tea and was amazed at the dew and all the cobwebs visible hanging from the trees. Not only that it was really still and peaceful, this rather gentle and highly tuned energy (there really is a lot to be said for getting up early) and just the sound of nature. I was fortunate to watch the moon setting in one direction and the sun rising in the other - it made getting out of bed so early worth it!

With blessings and much gratitude.

Ross DespresComment