The Magnolia tree

I finally remembered to take photos of the glorious Magnolia tree at the bottom of our lane. It is stunning, still brings a smile to my face every time I pass it.

As you know I am blown away by Spring this year, it is just such a magically colourful world out there and free too, one can never doubt the abundance of nature, nor the presence of the Divine, which is visible everywhere.

Strangely I came across this wonderful poem in the Sunday Times Style magazine, which sums it up perfectly:-

"Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe,
Who did not leave a single thing lacking in His world,
Filling it with the finest creatures and trees,
So as to give pleasure to all mankind".

(Talmud, Berakhot, 33,2)

Only a few days until we leave for Australia, so on the one hand we will miss the 3 weeks of Spring, but on the other hand we will get to enjoy lots of sunshine, sea, Yoga and Byronshire nature, and return when the evenings are lighter and the days warmer. Hoorah!

Ross DespresComment