New moon tidings!

It is a new moon today, which may account for the sleeplessness I have heard people mention the last few nights, me too actually, too much crazy energy in the air!!

Mind you it has been beautiful out there these last few days, the sun has been bright and the daffodils are starting to come through enlightening the scene with their bright yellow glow. Spring is on the way, it is so exciting!!

I have been running quite a bit recently. Not far, about 30-40 minutes at a time, and I do question how on earth I managed to run the London Marathon all those years ago, phew! These days it is more for the delight of it, well it gives me the opportunity to process and get some peace and quiet, no talking, just me and nature, the sounds of the birds and the glorious views through the rural lanes of St Andrews.

If I am lucky I am rarely passed by any traffic through the lanes and aside from the odd dog walker, I rarely see another sole either. I see cows in their fields, daffodils, primroses and celandine. Last week a buzzard flew a similar route to the one I was running so I got witness the elegant beauty of its flight. I see sheep and their baby lambs behind St Andrews' church (so cute), and in the distance I can see the sea and Fort Houmet at Vazon. It truly is a joy.

No doubt the novelty will wear off soon as it has done in the past and I will no longer need to process as I am at the moment. Still it does make you feel so much clearer and energised, a little like a good Vinyasa Yoga class!! The fresh air makes all the difference too, especially as I have been stuck inside decorating quite a bit recently. Not that I mind. The paint fumes are not ideal, but I do love the art of decorating, trying to keep the brush straight and the fact you can transform a space so quickly.

So it has been a little busy. On Sunday I went on a Yoga therapy course here in Guernsey taught by a lady from the UK. This one was on Yoga for obesity, which was rather interesting, scary though when you consider how many people are now classed as obese, surely a reflection of our sedentary lifestyle and all those hormones flying around in our food and water, to say nothing of the stress and pressure we live under these days. Let us hope we will find our find our balance again as a society and work with nature rather than against it, like Ayurveda, got to love that Indian system of healing.

Talking of nature, I helped Mum to dig some beds in the greenhouse yesterday so we can get the greenhouse tidy for the season ahead. It is all rather exciting. Dad is making some raised beds for us outside of the greenhouse at the moment, which will make weed control and picking so much easier this year. We planted some potatoes and I was delighted to see that some of the seeds we sowed a few weeks ago are starting to sprout a little. So much fun!

After the run and greenhouse experience I stopped at Vazon on the way home to sit and listen to the waves and breathe some of the sea air and as the tide was high and the sun was still shining, albeit headed for sunset, I decided to go for a quick swim. I have been a complete slacker on the winter swimming this year, I think I managed twice in January and none until that point in February.

And to be honest I doubt I will be rushing to repeat the February experience. My gosh. It was freezing. I lasted a grand total of 15 seconds of breaststroke before I had to get out. My feet were freezing and I was cold for an hour afterwards. I have no idea how the hardcore sea swimmers do it a few times a week for a good ten to fifteen minutes, every respect!!

Apparently temperatures are going to improve the next few days, not in the sea however! But still, maybe this really is a sign that Spring is on its way...I hope so, the world will seem a much brighter place!

On that note, time to go and practice, that always makes the world seem a much brighter place!

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