Winter weather!

This weather is crazy! It feels like all the rain we haven't had this year has come this last week or so. Yuck! Mind you, on a more positive note, at least the ducks are happy, plus of course the reservoir over here in Guernsey should be getting full!!

Often I am away at this time of year, last year we were in Nepal, so it has been a bit of a shock to the system to witness the incredible darkness of the last week. I was practicing Yoga yesterday morning in the Yoga space and it felt like 4pm in the afternoon, I had to have the light on to be able to see my mat! Mind you all is not lost, it is the winter solstice next week and we should start to see a marginal increase in light again, hoorah!!

Sitting here in front of the lovely warm fire, I can hear the rain falling and the wind whipping around the outside of the house. There are severe weather warnings in place for the English Channel tonight, so it looks like we may be in for a bumpy night ahead. I find the storms rather exciting because they have so much energy and can create so much chaos and yet you get this incredible peace the old is blown away to make way for the new.

Talking of being blown away, E and I spent last weekend pine cone collecting. Not to be outdone by my parents who have found this great secret spot, E chanced on a spot somewhere else on the Island, which has now become our secret spot. It was so exciting to find all these pine cones, in fact I am excited about going again this weekend. We love burning pine cones on the fire, they have a lovely smell and really help to warm the room and there is something really satisfying about foraging in the wild!!

There was a beautiful full moon on Saturday and I managed to cleanse all my crystals under its shine. We went for a magical walk at Jerbourg on Sunday with Charles and Jane and E's Mum, all the way down to Divette (I think) next to Marble Bay, such lovely cute little bays, we were lucky to avoid the rain showers! I guess it is due to the weather, but I am always surprised how few people are on the cliffs on a Sunday, great for us as we get them to ourselves!

So time to count down to the winter solstice and all that offers by way of celebration.

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