Our Lihou Christmas outing!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. Mine was certainly special, spending it with family and enjoying a freezing cold swim at blustery Vazon on Christmas Day morning and then repeating the whole experience again at Cobo on Boxing Day with hundreds of other crazy Guerns!! You have to love the Guernsey winter swimming spirit - well done to my parents who ventured in on Christmas morning, the first time they have swam in the sea since Christmas last year!

It never ceases to amaze me that while I always think Christmas will be a restful break, it is far from restful making sure to spend time with as many family members as possible. Still that said, I very much enjoy the energy of Christmas, not so much the materialism, but the fact that it does encourage family to get together ans enjoy some quality family time. Not that that doesn't come with its issues, of course, there are always many needs to consider, but it can be a time of much joy and blessings.

Yesterday Ewan and I managed to make the most of the beautifully calm, crisp and bright day by cycling down to Lihou as the causeway closed and the sun set behind the Hanois lighthouse. Ewan loves to watch the tide closing the causeway, which always makes me a little nervous, because he insists on standing as far along it as he can and moving back towards Guernsey with the running tide. And my gosh, that tide certainly moves quickly! I don't know that I have ever watched it as closely as I did yesterday, with Ewan timing the movement of water.

I got scared eventually and started walking back towards L'Eree, stopping every so often to witness Ewan's movement along the causeway and also take in the incredible skies, with the moon rising, the sky a sun burnt amber and the stars starting to shine. Back at L'Eree I stopped and sat on the rocks and just listened to the elements, the sound of the sea and the birds as nightfall descended. Bliss. I haven't been able to do that for ages.

Ewan made it back safely, his feet a little wet, and we tested my new bike lights as we headed off in darkness along to Grandes Rocque to visit friends and then back towards home stopping at Le Fleur de Jardin to meet other friends visiting from Australia before heading uphill all the way home. Boy was I pleased to get into the house and give my poor body a break from all that cycling!!

So New Year is a matter of days away. All being well we should be in France enjoying nature on our friends' farm in Normandy. I can't wait. Let's just hope the weather is kind and the boat runs on time. This will be the first time for ages I haven't spent the New Year with Hayley in London doing our burning bowl ceremony, I might have to do it on my own this year!!! See http://www.reikiwebstore.com/ProductPage.cfm?ProductID=377&CategoryID=16 for more info.

Happy holidays!

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