November sunshine

I can't believe that it is already the 8th of November...where has this month gone, it seemed only yesterday it was Halloween and now we have had bonfire night and it is the full moon again on Thursday!!

Bonfire night was fun. We had a party at our house for E's family and while the boys enjoyed the fireworks I stayed inside enjoying preparing the food for everyone! Mind you I did enjoy an obligatory sparkler, I love the bright light, a reminder of our own essence after all.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday so we enjoyed some family time together, lunch and a walk through the lanes and up to the Guet near our home, lovely to get some much needed fresh air and enjoy seeing the sea so rough and the wonderful afternoon November sunlight shining through the clouds. It was noticeably colder than it has been recently, all wrapped up and that winter feeling in the air reminding me that Christmas is not so far away now. We celebrated over fresh Chinese food in the evening, happy birthday Dad, moments with my family are precious.

It has gotten milder this last few days, and the sea has become calmer again. I managed a proper swim in the sea again yesterday at Petit Bot - so lovely to have that time out as life has been rather busy recently and it is easy to forget to make time for things that bring you back to earth. It is wonderful on the beach at this time of year, not only because you have the whole place to yourself, but because the bird life is so noticeable, and it rather uplifting to sit on the rocks and just watch and listen to all the sounds of nature...a relief after all the sounds of the office and traffic in and out of town.

This weekend we have the Autumnal Yoga & Wellbeing retreat on Herm, which should be a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all and immerse in Yoga and nature, no laptop or Internet, no television and no traffic!

As for this week. Well there are a few exciting days ahead. Not only the full moon on Thursday but 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year on Friday, now that is certainly auspicious. Just catching the clock at 11.11 has some significance, so you'll be very lucky if you catch the clock at that time on Friday in particular.

Happy full moon and 11th tidings!

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