The winds have arrived again, just in time for the full moon!

Don't you just love the changeable nature of Autumn's weather - one minute warm enough for the flipflops, the next you need to the heating on, and now mad winds to blow away all the cobwebs. There is nothing like living on an Island for the wind. And there is certainly nothing like landing an aeroplane with winds crossing the runway, as I just had to experience this afternoon!

Well I am fully entrenched back in the world of being a company secretary and even got to flit across to Jersey today for meetings in our Jersey office. It is quite a refreshing commute actually, lovely to see the rough seas from above, and be driven to the office by someone else - the decadent world we live!! I am finally accepting my reality. It may not be as I imagined my life at this stage, so much for living form the land and just teaching retreats, but one must remember the bigger picture and that while the Universe delivers our dreams, they are not always in the way we expected them to be. Plus my body is very pleased of the break from so much Yoga teaching, time and time again I am reminded of the need for balance!

Back home in Guernsey and it has been a fairly uneventful few days. E and I attended a 39th birthday party on Saturday night, which was great fun. It was particularly lovely to bump into an old friend from school days and share quite deep conversations about God, spirituality, the law of attraction and relationships. She is the first person I have met who - in need of answers at crisis points in one's life, does the same as me and asks the questions of google. It is incredible the answers you get - from hearing her story I know for sure that this is a medium within which our angels talk to us and open up doors. And how strange and yet beautiful that I got to be inspired by it all over again on a Saturday evening quite by chance - thanks Jac.

On Sunday E and I managed a walk around Jerbourg headland and sneaked into the derelict old Idlerocks site. it is a such a shame as it is an incredible location for a hotel, with views over the other Islands, and now it just has that dead and run down energy. What is interesting is the fact that within only a few years, nature has really started to exert her control again. Makes me think how much time is spent trying to control nature and yet it will always be stronger than us somehow. found a tepehone hanging in a tress, such a strange image.

Time for a poem..."Autumn Flight" by the wonderful Danna Faulds from her book, "Prayers to the Infinite":-

A lone leaf cartwheels
skyward, riding an updraft
over the house, flying like
a drunken dove to the edge
of the far woods. What a
glorious end, to be borne
aloft, the whole Autumn
landscape spread out below
in riotous gold and orange;
nature caught in a flagrant
act of transformation".

It certainly does seem to be a season of transformation. For me at least. The wind is certainly helping to blow the cobwebs away so that the new can enter where the stagnant once laid, even my allergies have improved today!!. New moon on Wednesday too.

Time for a nice and cosy Yoga practice to centre inside. If anyone is in Kathmandu and fancies some free Yoga classes with international teachers then please email I can only dream of Nepal at the moment and maintain faith that there is a reason I am not returning this year...

With love and gratitude.
Ross DespresComment