New moon power

Well today we have a powerful new moon in Scorpio and, apparently, we reach the alternative end date for the Mayan calendar, the other date being December 21, 2012, which I believe is meant to be the end of the world as we know it...

...only I can;t help thinking that there is an awful amount of fear attached to this whole concept of the world ending and us, I guess, with it. What I believe may be more likely, is that we are simply going through a shift in consciousness. With that, then yes, there will be changes to the world as we kn ow it, but, not some big bang, there we go, all in darkness, type change, but more so the way we live changes. And is changing. Already.

Big changes have been taking place. I was only thinking this the other night when I happened to catch the end of the one of the many baking programmes on the TV over here at the moment. I don't remember the name of the lady, although that is somewhat irrelevant, as it is more so what she was saying about the money we spend buying these nice cakes and yet how easy it is to bake them yourself without all the
expense and how rewarding to be able to serve a homemade cake that you have made with your very own hands, to your friends and family.

It made me think how times they are a changing. Not that long ago, well maybe a few years now, it was all the rage to buy pre-packaged food stuff because that was easy, and here we were, trying to save time. Likewise the demise of the high street and the fact all these out of town super stores started to spring up because people wanted the ease of driving to one place and being able to do all their shopping in that one place from lots of choice.

Now we are moving back to basics. Even baking cakes again. I mean there is this whole baking cakes revolution. And I think it is great. Here we are, bringing back the tea and home made cakes, so that soon it won't be about how much money you spend on a cake, but how much you enjoyed making that cake by your own hand.

On a bigger level. Nature is certainly bringing us back to base. Patterns are all over the place. And look at your financial situation these days. Yes, changes are a afoot, but actually, they are already taking place.

And within us too. Those light workers called to step up a gear, consciousness increasing and people awakening. You only have to consider how many people are offering their services as energy workers over here, not to say that means people are awake, far from it, but the probability is perhaps higher. It is all about the true purpose and the true self. Even Shameless talked about this last night.

Pat touches on all of this in her New Moon reading, where she writes, "
One of the ways you can recognize the shift is by observing how fast your thoughts manifest into reality. This happens most efficiently if you’ve found your life’s purpose and are working on how best to share your unique gift with the world. The mere fact that more people are asking about their true purpose is a big sign that a shift in consciousness is taking place. Astrology happens to be one of the best tools for discovering this critical bit of self-knowledge, so it’s also no coincidence that more and more people are turning toward this ancient discipline.
This week’s New Moon in Scorpio is brilliant for manifestation work, as it falls within two days of a trine between Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs. The earth signs, remember, represent the tangible and material – what we can see and touch on the material plane. This includes relationships. Where this New Moon falls in your chart tells you where you can best use this energy to draw a new situation or relationship into your life that serves your higher purpose.

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Enjoy the New moon's powerful energy, hold tight!!

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