Full moon approaching!

I cannot believe how much colder it has been this weekend compared to last weekend, Autumn is definitely here and I keep reading articles suggesting that it is going to be a particularly cold winter ahead due to the sun taking a rest, well it is perhaps not as simple as that, but there are changes due to our weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. As I have written before, nature is certainly giving this impression - not only are the hawthorn and holly trees laden with red berries, but our cats are eating tons of food to build up their fat store for the colder months ahead.

I have been suffering with a cold these last few days. Ever since I got adrenal exhaustion last year my immune system has not been working as well as it should do, and lets me know, in no uncertain terms when I am burning the candle at both ends - as I have a tendency to do. So I have been feeling rather sorry for myself, laid up at home, taking Sambucol (elderberry extract that takes the spiky bits off the cold virus so that it stops piercing the cells) and missing the Sark Folk Festival fundraiser at the Fermain Tavern on Saturday night.

Anyhow I am beginning to feel much better, but with a full class schedule and a week in the office ahead, I will certainly be getting to bed early and practicing a lovely and nourishing restorative sequence with lots of healing singing bowl music and eating more fruits and vegetables than usual!

It really has been a very testing year and a half for me health wise and I will certainly be delighted when I start to feel properly healthy again. The trouble is, when you are used to living your life a certain way, full on and without taking much of a break (!), then it is difficult to make the change - but of course the reason we often get ill is because the way we are living is not serving us anymore and we are being given the opportunity to learn another way - for me, as much as for anyone else living in this frenetic age, a much calmer and more balanced way of being.

My cousin Nick, sent me this wonderful story about the gorse on the cliffs

"You will find some gorse blooming in any month somewhere, though it is unusual to find large amounts together except in spring.
There was an old Guernsey story about a woman who died and she made her husband promise that he wouldn't take another lover in a month where the gorse bloomed. Initially he was happy thinking it was just a spring flower until he discovered that gorse blooms all year round! Or something like that anyway."

Well it is full moon on Wednesday so no doubt those of us who are emotionally sensitive will experience increased sensitivity these next few days. I just hope that the weather calms down so that we can actually see the moon - although your crystals will still get cleansed if you leave outside in the moon's energy. It will be interesting to see how everyone practices balancing poses at Yoga the next few days, it really is a good time for half moon, just to balance things off a little.

Until next time,

With love and gratitude

Ross DespresComment