Cobwebs, sunshine and reflexology

The weather is simply incredible! I can't remember experiencing weather quite like this at the end of September with the leaves falling and the trees laden with berries.

On Tuesday it dawned foggy with a heavy dew in the air and I was blown away by all the cobwebs covering the trees and crossing the garden, it was mind blowing. I took a few pictures but they didn't really do justice to the whole scene.

Typically my life has been a touch busy this week as I have started a new contract with my old employees - an investment management and stock broking company - to balance my Yoga lifestyle, so I have not been able to get to the beach. I did manage a swim the other day and it was decidedly warm.

It is great to have the flexibility and I must admit that in between the office and the Yoga space, I have enjoyed a fantastic reflexology session with the lovely Christine (highly recommended) and a Reiki session too. Plus I get to swap Reiki for a massage this week too - you have to love the bartering system we have going on over here, where money doesn't change hands, only love and that wonderful healing energy.

I really excited by reflexology at the moment, it seems to be really helping with a few small health issues, quite incredible really. I have been reading this wonderful book about what the body is trying to tell you through illness, incorporating the chakras, which fascinate me. I really do find the whole healing world absolutely mind blowing, there is so much potential out there, which just goes completely beyond the logical mind. Essentially, I believe that faith plays a huge role in how we feel, our healing and how we connect with the flow of life - but that is a whole subject of its own.

Tonight we had our second power cut this week and as it was a new moon yesterday and so there is no moonlight, it was seriously dark outside, but the stars were able to shine even brighter than normal. It is funny because I am used to power cuts after spending so much time in Nepal, where they have anything from 16 to 20 hours of power cuts a day, every day of the year, so you get used to using candle light and cooking by fire. Here we are not so prepared and a power cut here makes you realise how dependant on electricity we have become in our society.

Anyhow bed time. Happy dreams.

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