The calm before the storm to blow away the cobwebs!

It feels like the calm before the storm here in Guernsey. Not that it has been calm all day. In fact it has been rather odd, bits of light rain here and there, then the sun shone for a while this afternoon, rather brightly too, and there was a definite swell on the rocks on the West coast as I was driving to a friend's house and I was aware of flocks of birds flying together, and then a few hours later the wind picked up and the sea became choppy and rough, and then as the moon rose this evening, it all became rather calm again.

E and I managed a swim at Vazon at high tide this evening. It was windy and a little rough at the time and I was amazed how many other people were down there swimming and messing around in the waves. Great to see and so worth the effort - the sea is warm at the moment.

I am looking forward to the storm as we need one to blow away all the cobwebs from the summer (and we literally have tons of cobwebs around the cottage and garden at the moment, E tells me it is spider season and he's not joking, there is something about older cottages that really attracts them too) and just clear the energy. I always think storms help to release all that pent up energy and cleanse us somehow. Plus we have the joy of the full moon on Monday, so the energy is really heightened right now.

You have to love autumn. Have you noticed how many berries there are on the trees at the moment? I am blown away by the beauty of all the red hawthorn trees everywhere, they are simply stunning. And then the leaves on the trees are changing colour too, which is really pretty, and of course many are losing their leaves too. The sycamore in our garden is almost bare already, really strange. And then of course the blackberries, love it, we are on our third apple and blackberry oat crumble now!

Happy storm!

Ross DespresComment