Autumn ramblings

Well the storm has arrived, later and not as strong as expected and coinciding beautifully with the full moon this morning - it always seems to be the way, so rarely do we get to see a perfectly shining full moon these days. I learnt a few years ago, with my Herm Yoga & Wellbeing retreat, never to organise a fair weather event on the full moon - the weather is simply too volatile.

My crystals are in the garden cleansing all the same, and I did struggle to sleep last night with the full moon's heightened energy and the brightness, despite the rain clouds and the stormy winds.

I am surprised I struggled to sleep as E and I had such an action packed weekend, all things considered. That is the joy of Autumn - well that and all those red berries!

I managed to get to Sheila's gentle/beginner's Yoga Flow class on Saturday morning - it is such a joy for me to be able to attend a class these days over here in Guernsey. It was lovely, thank you Sheila, just what I needed with my adrenal glands still recovering from exhaustion. Ironic really, that one can get exhausted from teaching so much Yoga, but that is what happened last year and it is a long and slow road to recovery. But more about that another time.

In the afternoon I worked and visited a friend. There is always so much to be organising for Yoga retreats and classes and trips away. At the last minute, E and I have booked flights to London next weekend to celebrate the end of my contract in the Bank, visit friends and for me to attend as many Yoga classes as I can...I can't wait!!

At high tide - 6.30pm - we headed down to Vazon and took great joy messing around in the shore break. So much fun. A quite night followed, well for me at least, hearing the rain outside was enough to keep me inside reading a fabulous book.

Sunday dawned bright and we walked into town to sit and drink tea and read the papers in Costa...we weren't the only ones, seems this is a popular Sunday pastime! E then went to visit his Mum while I stayed at home and practiced on my own before working some more, Reiki attunement manuals to edit this time and catching up on emails.

By the time E came home the wind had picked up and we decided to go out on our bikes and make the most of the wind pushing us along the coast road! So we headed out to the West coast, stopping at this view point I never knew existed, with fabulous views over the West coast and all the stormy seas, before heading down to Vazon and watching the surfers - wow so many in the sea - and me wishing I still had a surfboard I could use, but sadly they all have dings.

We flew with the wind to the Guet, which was incredibly calm, in between all the trees, and we searched for pine combs, but cheated a bit as E is a tree surgeon and likes to climb trees, so he climbed a tree and got some more pine combs for us that way instead!!! I love pine combs, they are super cool, I like to have them in the house, like an offering to the Moon and Nature, I guess it is all a bit earthy really. It is a bit like blackberrying. I just love it. But you don't see so many people doing it these days. Another week and the hedgerows will be purple rather than red, so many blackberries ripening but not just there yet.

We cycled home and got back in the car down to Vazon with the boogie boards for a play in the crazy shore break. Wow, the waves were strong and the undercurrent noticeable. Like Saturday, there were quite a few others in the water, just by the slipway. It is great to see, all ages, some in wetsuits and others like us, just enjoying the fact the sea is at its warmest all year, swimming as we do in our bathers. I had forgotten how exhausting it can be, battling the waves, but also how much fun, we laughed and laughed. I remember now, the reason I loved surfing so much.

Back home it was crash out time. Walking, cycling, swimming and Yoga ll in one day. I finished my book lying on the sofa before watching a TV programme about driving in Nepal, which made me laugh out loud, and reminisce about the beauty of the country and its people. Oh well. We'll see what happens next on the river of life.

With love, gratitude and thanks to the Goddess of the Moon.

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