Sunrise, sunrise!

I was awake super early yesterday so I could take my beloved to the airport for the red eye - the first flight out of Guernsey at 7am. Usually I avoid such an experience, particularly in winter when it is dark and cold outside, but I must admit it was a little bit of a blessing in disguise this time as I got to see sunrise!!

I was on BBC South West on Thursday night too, from 10.30pm to just before midnight, so a late bed and an early start on Friday, but I feel strangely invigorated by it all. The radio show was fab, it was with JKT who is just wonderful, truly has the listeners engaged. Thank you Jen, I really enjoyed being able to talk about Yoga nd energy an all things spiritual with you.

I made the most of the brief sunshine yesterday afternoon and headed down to Saints Bay for a lovely swim backwards and forward across the bay, lovely, lovely, lovely - not only some exercise but also a much needed opportunity to cleanse one's aura after being sat in an office in front of a computer for a few hours surrounded by all that electrical energy; it kind of brings you down to earth and helps one to move from one state of being to another.

I love the fact you can "neti" too. This is one of the 6 "Shatkarmas", or cleansing techniques of the Hatha Yoga system an simply means taking water in and out of the nostrils to cleanse the nostrils and the sinuses. It is a technique renowned for preventing colds and helping with allergies. You can use a pot to help to pour water into one nostril and than allow it to exit from the other nostril and i have done this quite a bit in the past, but more lately I find that swimming in the sea and taking sea water in and out through the nose is much the same thing - I used to do this a lot when surfing without even realising I was cleansing myself in the process!

Anyhow, time to go practice...

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