The calmness of the full moon!!

The energy of the full moon had well and truly gotten to me by Friday so there was only one thing for it - female company and sparkles!

I met my lovely friend Nikki at Hojos and we sat and chatted in front of the high tide and the rising moon, the sun setting over the other side of the Island and providing a lovely glowing light, enjoying the excited energy of a Friday when everyone has finished work and is looking forward to the weekend ahead. Bliss. We ended up in the Fermain Tavern listening to some great music, it is brilliant that we have the opportunity to listen to and watch so much live music in Guernsey these days. I was home in bed by 11pm, i am in awe of those I know stayed up dancing until sunrise the next day:-)

So Saturday was a slow start for me. It was a busy week last week, on Wednesday i taught 5 hours of Yoga on a summer school to children ranging in age from 7 to 18, followed by an hour and a half adults class in the evening, so that is a lot of teaching and practicing in one day, and I felt it the rest of the week! I have only recently discovered that I nver had glandualr fever last year, more so adrenal fatigue, which is the reason I have been sick on and off this year.

I find it rather ironic that I managed to get sick from teaching too much Yoga and chanelling too much Reiki, but I guess it is a process some of us have to go through. Until this "wake-up" call, I am not sure it would have mattered what i was doing, my learned tendency has always been to work to an extreme regardless of what I am doing. So now, of course, my body has my full attention. It is, of course, all about balance, and for me, well for all of us, hormonal balance...which leads to chakra balancing, which leads to feeling wholesome and well in all aspects of our lives, mental, emotional, physical and indeed spiritual.

It never ceases to amaze me, how hormones play such an incredibly crucial role in how we feel, really brings us back to our roots of why we feel the way we feel, of why we are sick or miserable or depressed or anxious, or can't sleep, or can't lose weight or can't get pregnant etc etc. And yet how little attention we pay to them until something start to go wrong! Oh well, we live and learn. And I am a great believer that things happen for a reason, that everything is part of a process, be that self discovery, healing, embracing our capacity to love in its limitless manner, or just because it is something we are here to learn.

So anyhow, this whole adrenal exhaustion thing reminds me constantly if I am overdoing things and in many ways it has been a blessing in disguise because it has opened up so many new doors and ways of being to me. I wouldn't have discovered gardening or the joy of sea swimming and cooking, and I wouldn't have re-discovered my passion for reading and just being. And now I don't feel guilty for not rushing around like an idiot each day, constantly chasing my tale and working, working, working.

So Saturday. E and I went down to Soldiers Bay, which you are not really meant to do as the steps are unstable, which is such a shame as it is a lovely little bay. We went swimming, the weather was pants, autumn seems to have appeared a little easlier than normal, just as well the sea is so warm, is a joy to swim. We then went and enjoyed a hot drink and chatter at hojos, my new found favourite place on account of the fact you can sit outside, the staff are lovely and they have soya milk!!

We then pottered around a few gardening centres, such wonderful places, would be perfect to teach Yoga in such an environment, in fact I often consider teaching in my parent's greenhouse, what with all that positive and calm vibrational energy from all the much loved plants and trees, such a healing and peaceful environment but there is the health and safety issue of all the glass everywhere!!

Anyhow I bought E a tree. It really needs to be planted and has started dying so they had marked down the price and it really needed to be saved. And we got some lovely large daisies too, which will brighten the garden and remind me of our pottering day together. I could have bought so much, I juts love the beauty and the colour of all those flowers and plants.

We spent the afternoon watching a rather depressing and yet incredibly interesting film by Micheal Leigh, called "Another Year", and well worth a watch if you get the chance. Not so, perhaps, the really violent film that E chose for us to watch in the evening called London Boulevard. Oh my gosh, I am far too sensitive for that kind of viewing and it didn't make for a particularly restful night's sleep!!!

Anyhow the skies last night were incredible. Sadly no view of the full moon, but certainly a stunning sunset from up here in St Andrews. Wow. I put my crystals in the garden regardless, and they are shining brightly today, infused with the moon's wonderful energy. And actually I found the full moon was a rather calm and peaceful one for a change. Not so the week leading up to it, but when it arrived, it felt like calm descended again. Like so many other women, I am guessing those in touch with the cycle of the moon and nature, and certainly those with a regular Yoga practice, will be full moon girls too, so a calmness will have descended on every level with the hormones letting go!!!


So here's to a continued calming waning moon, and maybe some sunshine to see us through the rest of August.

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