Bring on the full moon!

Wow, what a rollercoaster of a week as he stock markets fell and the rioters took to the UK streets.

I really do believe that the Universe has been trying to get our attention for some time but we keep pretending not to hear and not to notice. Not all of us of course. There is an increasing wave of people coming "back to earth", and quite literally...working with the earth, growing their own vegetables, buying local produce and second hand goods, recycling, helping to create a sense of community, considering their carbon footprint, embracing holistic practices,and adjusting to a potential life without such a disposable income.

So the Universe keeps reminding us...natural disasters, stock market crashes...a paradigm shift in how we are living, back to basics, back to where we came from, back to the time wqhen a house was a home and a way to shelter, not just an investment to make us some money, and a time when vegetables tasted like vegetables and milk came from happy cows who weren't pumped full of hormones and antibiotics...and so the list goes on.

And people get angry because the world is changing...

So it is another powerful full moon tomorrow - have a google search, there is lots written about it out there. Seems we need to hang on tight for a while longer...and I for can't wait for the winds to blow in a lighter, calmer and clearer way of being.

Peaceful weekend.

Ross DespresComment