Full moon endings

Happy full moon!!

All very exciting. Like me you may have felt its incredibly unsettling and emotionally enhancing energy all week!

Apparently, while the eclipses are behind us, there are still issues left to resolve. It almost feels like a Hollywood film script with an ending that is dragged out deliberately in order to keep the suspension going as long as possible, but irritates instead.

The full moon is a potentially big date for wrapping up. Althopugh it is not an eclipse, it is near the degree of a total eclipse of the Sun in January 2010. You will likely know what your main challenge has been over the last 2 years (and if you don't, think back to January 2010, for an idea of what is going to be coming full circle).

If the "big finish" does not happen in the next week or 10 days, there will be a couple more dates coming up.

All rather exciting, as nothing more draining than having something dragging on. I can certainly relate to that and am looking forward to the endings and new beginnings ahead.

As it happens I am starting at Butterfield Trust again next week...Yoga classes calm down over the summer, and it will be refreshing to have both stucture and routine in my life for a few months - plus of course the opportunity to use different skills. All good fun!

I have been enjoying the beach the last few days, and swimming in the sea is great.

You have to enjoy the summer in Guernsey. The garden is looking beautiful, the sweet peas are so bright and colourful.

Off for a swim. Enjoy the weekend.

Love and light

Ross DespresComment