Angels are everywhere!

Well there I was on Sunday, walking along the cliff path at Icart with Ewan, thinking to myself how we usually have quite a few adventures together, unexpected happenings then, but that we hadn't gone for any ramblings for a few weeks for anything out of the ordinary to occur and it didn't look like anything was going to happen today, we were just enjoying a blustery walk on the cliffs on a blustery and overcast Sunday afternoon in July.

While I do not find the flora and fauna of the cliffs as stunningly beautiful as it was a few months ago with all the early Summer colour and that lovely bright yellow gorse, there are patches of pink heather and lovely cornflower blue flowers on the side of the path and you can't help but love the views whichever way you look. I do enjoy the walk from Icart, passing the wonderful La Jaonnet where Ewan and I went for our first walk together all those years ago (well 3 and a half actually!)and overlooking Petit Bot where we went swimming that very morning (interestingly I went swimming on the West coast over the weekend and it was so much warmer than swimming at Petit Bot!).

Anyhow so there we were, walking along the cliffs to the bit above Petit Bot and then back around along the lanes and then on to a larger road. I suspect I was dawdling, I can;t really remember, but it was one of those afternoons where I kept getting lost in thought and for some reason I was looking back he way we had come and all of a sudden this pigeon landed a few metres away from us on the road and I was immediately aware that this was a friendly pigeon because he (or indeed she) was walking towards us (I am guessing pigeon's walk right?!).

So I crouched down to get more on its level and the pigeon just kept walking right up to me and of course I noticed that it had two tags, a blue one and a yellow one. As I got a bit concerned that it was going to fly into my face, Ewan stuck his arm out and amazingly the pigeon flew up onto it as if it were his perch - which indeed it was actually and we managed to ascertain that he must be a racing pigeon from Holland, wow, poor little thing was a long way from home and clearly in need of food and water!

So this carried on for a while - the pigeon on the arm and the Ewan trying to put him back on the ground and the pigeon trying to fly back up onto him again, onto his back, onto his shoulder. Ewan got the pigeon back on his arm again and tried to put him up high on a wall with a field next door - we figured he was would find something to eat, but he was having none of it and clung to Ewan's arm. Ewan put him back down on the ground instead and we started to walk away, but he just followed us and it really reminded me of the cat, how she can follow us around, especially when she needs feeding.

But it was more than that, believe it or not the pigeon just had that look, or that energy about him that said "help", and being that Ewan and I both like to help, we couldn't just leave him there. I remembered a few years ago when a Dutch racing pigeon had ended up in my parents' garden and they contacted the local racing pigeon organisation who arranged for the pigeon to be returned to its owners in Holland. So with this in mind I tried to telephone my parents to ask them to join us with a box to collect the pigeon and take him to the local organisation.

However just as I was trying to work out how to use Ewan's telephone and Ewan was trying to direct the pigeon (who was on the road now) away from the middle of the road, a large black car approached and stopped beside us so the driver could ask if the pigeon was okay and just as we were trying to say that "no not really", he had clearly spotted the tags and jumped out of the car and explained that he was a pigeon racer and the pigeon probably needed food and water. And like that, within a matter of seconds he had picked up the pigeon and said he would look after him from here.


You just have to love it when things like that happen. I mean what are the chances of a pigeon racer turning up at exactly the moment that he is most needed - not by us as such, but by that pigeon (and indeed the pigeon's owner, who is also affected by this moment, even though he is beyond the time and space of that moment as we lived it.

And what makes me chuckle most about all this, is not only that I have recently been thinking about synchronicity and the fact that it seems to have been absent in my life for a while (at least, I have not been conscious of it), but the reminder that the Universe is such magical place and that the angels are everywhere and if I needed a sign then there it was - and also a reminder how interconnected we all are and that even a pigeon creates his own story and is supported by the magical and indeed mystical laws of the Universe (if ever that pigeon needed some support from the universe then there it was, and if ever I needed a reminder to have faith and trust and feel supported, then there it was...). There are angels, human and ethereal all over the place.

So there was my fun Sunday adventure.

Since then life has taken on yet more change for I am back working part time in an office and really enjoying it - as much as I love teaching Yoga, I do love to use my brain in other ways too...and that has been yet another huge realisation of late. And so the journey of self-discovery continues...a reminder that life transformation continues beyond the mat.

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