The Solstice, Kings of Leon and Yoga in London and getting by with very little!

Well sadly the sun spent much of the summer solstice hidden behind the clouds, not ideal when I had set my alarm for 4am to watch sunrise!

Still it was a high spirited day, for one reason or another I taught 7 classes, one of which was at sunset on the field up at WildGuernsey to celebrate the Solstice - thank you Tara for having me to teach and for all the lovely vegetarian food and the chatter and sunset views. It is a special place up at WildGuernsey and I can not wait to teach Yoga in the Tipi and sit under the oak tree meditating.

Sadly the Solstice marked the passing of Gerry, my dear cousin, Yo's, husband, from cancer. I was blessed to spend 2 wonderful months living with Yo and Gerry on their smallholding in North Devon two summers ago, helping to tend the garden with him as well as going dowsing on the burial mounds in the area - such a loss, and no coincidence that he passed on the solstice.

On Thursday I went to London with my Dad for our annual music concert and this time we got to see White Lines, Paul Weller and the Kings of Leon play in Hyde Park that evening. As always it was great fun, a completely sober event for me and we only got a little wet earlier on in the evening. Thank you Dad! A huge thank you also to Chris and Rob for letting us stay in their wonderful flat at Shad Thames, near Tower Bridge, such a treat and much appreciated.

On Friday I headed up to Primrose Hill and enjoyed a Yoga class at TriYoga - it is always such a treat to be able to get to class when I am out of Guernsey. Dad met me and we walked all the way from Primrose Hill, through the Regent's Park, around the back of Oxford Street, along Harely street and St Christopher's place, and then all the way to Hyde Park to Victoria. A great stroll, I love looking around London and imagining what it would be like to live in any of those massive houses!!

Strangely my bag never made it with me on my flight on Thursday and I was reminded again how little we need in life to survive. In fact the only thing I really missed was some leggings, which I had to buy so I could attend class, and admittedly a comb would have been handy but I got by!! Funny how the Universe likes to remind us not to get too attached to anything, nor to accumulate to much and surround ourselves with clutter. It is rather liberating not having to decide what to wear each day!

Back on Guernsey we have spent the day enjoying the sunshine and getting ourselves ready for the Yoga "class on the grass" in the morning. Very exciting! We even managed a swim in the sea, so much warmer these days.

My love, prayers and thoughts are with you Yo. Keep shining.

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