Nourishing the heart in London, back to Guernsey and Lihou Island

So, despite Hayley, Chris and I trekking out to Jerbourg for the lunar eclipse and full moon on Wednesday, the clouds were not in such a jovial mood and we were unable to see anything. Still we sat around chatting and laughing and absorbing the moon's energy as I was wired for the rest of the evening!!

Yesterday I went to London for the day with Jackie to attend Briget and Nikki's "Nourishing the heart: love, gratitude, celebration and healing session" at TriYoga in Soho. This was incredible. Led by Nikki, the Kirtan was fabulous, I could certainly feel the prana circulating, and Bridget held the space so beautifully and gently, that the heart was certainly nourished. It was wonderful to practice in the Anusara tradition again and get the blood pumping and the lungs working. Plus of course experience that deep inner peace that comes from such a heart-warming expression of the Divine.

So a huge thank you to Bridget and to Nikki, and also to the therapists whose healing hands adjusted throughout the day and whose energy permeated the studio so that I could easily have stayed if I didn't have a flight to catch...with love and grace.

The day clearly helped me to let go of something, I could feel the tiredness encroaching the deeper we travelled within. So it goes without saying that I slept for many hours last night and have felt tired all day. E and I managed a much needed swim off the slipway at Saints today and a walk over to Lihou Island where we saw some baby seagulls who are camouflaged like the rocks - very clever!!

Being Father's Day we enjoyed a lovely meal with my dad and extended family as his cousins are visiting from the UK. Families really do fascinate me and between them they have been studying our family tree and it seems us Despres' originate from Normandy, which may well explain my love of the place, before we ventured to Alderney (explains the madness perhaps!) and on to Jersey before settling here on good old Guernsey!

Let's pray for some sun this week then.

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