Normandy magic

I absolutely love staying with our friends, Tessa and Carl and their children Ollie and Evie, on their farm in Normandy, as we have just done this weekend.

There is something about Normandy that never fails to disappoint. I don't know whether it is the light or the nature of the green and tree abundant countryside, or the fact that it is so seemingly quiet and spacious, or simply the fact that the pace of life is considerably slower than the one we try and keep up with here on Guernsey. But whatever it is, I love it, it makes me slow right down and re-connect to the earth again.

This time is slowed me down so much that I was incapable of moving beyond the house on the Sunday. Not helped by my present poorly functioning immune system with all its skin allergies and reactions to that silly Nepali tick back in December. I mean there are dark nights of the soul and there are dark nights of the soul. I hope I pass this test soon and can move right my new relaxed and "go with the flow" way of being (yes, Universe, I get the message!!!).

Anyhow we had so much fun. On the Saturday we went to Festival Papillons de Nuit, which is set on this fantastic hill so that you can sit on the grass and look down on the stages(for the lightweights like me who didn't feel like dancing!) and enjoy the music. Despite forecast rain, the weather stayed dry all afternoon and evening and the clouds were just amazing. I have this thing about clouds and I always find the clouds in Normandy to be particularly special and captivating.

The music was great. We saw Kaiser Chiefs, Jeff Lang, Beady Eye (now that was a surprise, no idea that was a Gallagher band) and the Klaxons before heading back home so the children could have a well deserved rest - they were so much fun to bring to the concert, I loved seeing Ollie getting stuck into some dancing and Evie wearing her fairy wings, totally appropriate for her fairy energy.

So Sunday we chilled out all day. It was raining and cold outside (what has happened to the summer?!) and everyone was a little tired from the excitement of the festival and battling with sore throats from the onset of the French bugs! Plus there is something quite lovely and nurturing about doing very little, and sitting by the fire in the kitchen watching Madagascar 2. E and I have never watched films like these so quite a revelation for both of us, so cute and funny!

I guess it is the simplicity of life I love, and of which I can only dream right now. As much as I love living on Guernsey, life does always seem to be rather hectic. Nowhere is far and sometimes that is the problem - it is possible to do far too much stuff and see far too many people in one day. When you live in a rural location you don't have the same option. Plus of course living on farm incorporates all those wonderful things like living from the land and eating all the fresh and organic produce in season. Yum. The eggs on the farm are just incredible, I have never seen yolks quite so yellow!

Anyhow Monday we picked up the pace a little and headed to the lovely town of Dinan for lunch. The weather was not ideal and we did spend a little while standing under trees for shelter from the rain! Dinan is sweet, albeit a tourist location, and we meandered around the medieval streets, checking out the churches and all that wonderful architecture. It felt more like winter than the summer however!

Monday evening and due to a mix up with the boats, E and I got to enjoy an unplanned evening in St Malo. I have never been a fan of this place always finding it super touristy and a little tacky in the process so it came as quite a surprise to really enjoy staying in the town that night. It had stopped raining and we chanced upon a cool cafe and then a great place to eat salads and crepes so we were both content. It was a lovely end to a wonderful weekend.

Thank you Tessa, Carl, Ollie and Evie for a lovely weekend. Back to the Guernsey-reality now!!

In fact it is full moon tonight - here's hoping you can also feel the energy. A time of endings and new beginnings. Best to just let go...I have a feeling this is a rather powerful moon so close to the summer solstice next week. All rather exciting!!


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