A day trip to the UK, new moon all up in the air

I accompanied my Dad and our cat, Bumble, on a private plane to the UK today flown and indeed owned by Mr P, a friend of my parents.

I have never flown on a twin engine light aircraft before and I must admit that it was all a little surreal, 7.30am this morning, sitting on the plane with my Dad beside me and the cat on the seat facing me in her box, not your every day experience!

Flying at 2,000 feet on such a beautifully clear morning was a joy - we got to see the shipping lanes (I had no idea there were so many ships out there!), fly over the Isle of Wight, and take in the views of London closer up to Biggin Hill.

From there we took a taxi through the beautifully green and tree-filled Surrey countryside to the veterinary centre where Bumble was booked for an eye operation with the top cat eye specialist in the UK - honestly, my friends in Nepal would find it really difficult to understand the trouble (and indeed the expense) my parents have gone through for one of their cats!

So while we waited for the cat to have her operation, Dad and I headed into Redhill and spent a few hours bumbling around. Not the most interesting of places to find ourselves but I still managed a little shopping and then we sat and watched the world go by and it crossed my mind how much diversity there is in this world and yet here we all are, just trying to survive.

Bumble's operation went well and we managed to get back to Biggin Hill by 4pm for our flight back to Guernsey. The weather was really warm and the skies a little cloudier than the morning, so we flew lower and jumped along quite a few hot air pockets as we flew down over the Downs and onwards to the coast over Portsmouth. Being so low the views were pretty cool, especially over the shipping lanes again and coming into Guernsey. Thank you Mr P for a wonderful trip and thank you to Bumble for being such a well behaved and inspiring cat!

Back in Guernsey, I went straight to teach and taught a grounding session, not only to bring me back to earth after my "up in the air" day, but also to ground the energy of today's New Moon - all good fun, thank you to those who attended and shared their uplifting energy. I ran back home to clear my head, I am really enjoying running at the moment and especially at this time of the day when there is little traffic and the sun is setting and the honeysuckle's scent fills the air. I feel very lucky to live over here in Guernsey, it is a true blessing.

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