Slowing down

All these bank holidays have been wonderful but they have thrown everyone out of their routine and I have noticed a drop in the number of students attending the evening classes the last few weeks, which is a shame as I feel the energy is heightened when there are more of us in the room.

Still it has given us lots of time to socialise with family and friends and catch up in the garden. I have even started decorating in the house, which has been fun, even if it does seem like a lot of hard work sometimes!

Being a little off colour has made me a little slower than normal - probably a good thing, lots of time for inward reflection (although taken to excess and this is not a good thing!), and letting the body heal.

I guess something that has been running through my mind since the Yoga therapy course is the fact that the body knows how to heal...if we only allow it to do its thing. The trouble is that we are bombarded by all sorts of information about how others think we should heal, of what we should do be doing and eating, so that often there is no space for us to hear our own body's wisdom. Plus the mind is a powerful thing and will easily overrule the body in decision making.

Still the Universe is full of signs and prompts, if only we can see and indeed understand them. And let's face it, it is all about just getting on with it and living.

Talking of which, I have just read a fantastic book called "The Little Princes" by an American guy, Conor, who went out to Nepal to volunteer in a children's orphanage and ended up setting up his own organisation - Next Generation Nepal (NGN)- and children's home. Very inspiring and made me yearn for Nepal again (it was only a matter of time). There is just something incredibly wonderful and indeed powerful about this poor and complicated country.

Yoga is a fantastic modality for transformation. Trouble is, the periods of transformation, when you start to see everything differently, can be a touch testing, as you have to let go of all ideas of how you think things should be, and accept that everything is different to how you thought it was! It is difficult to explain, but a joyous process in the end...and a never ending one too!

There is just so much diversity in this world, so much to see, feel and experience, so many different cultures and ways of being. And we are just one tiny part of that massive whole - and yet an important part of that whole too.

Mind blowing!
Ross DespresComment