Retreating at Vazon!

Phew, it finally rained, well kind of rained, more like heavy drizzle really, but still, I m sure it has helped the garden a little.

I am housesitting for my parents at the moment, so I am particularly aware of the weather as they have a rather large garden and an industrial sized greenhouse where they grow an incredible assortment of vegetables and fruits, and I have the responsibility of ensuring nothing dies during their absence. Lucky me!

Actually it has been a bit of a blessing and great timing. I hadn't realised how stressed I had allowed myself to become earlier this month (I always find that rather ironic, being a Yoga teacher and all) and so being forced back to the rhythm of nature, has been brilliant. I am thoroughly enjoying watering in the greenhouse each morning, seeing how everything is growing - the asparagus seem to grow before my very eyes, the berries are ripening by the day and the lettuce is its usual crazy self!

Of course there is more on its way, lots more vegetables and tons of fruit - the trees are seriously laden at the moment, this is certainly an abundant year! There is a vegetable garden outside too with lots more growing and then the banks of flowers and shrubs lining the outside of the greenhouse and all the herbs and the incredibly aromatic lavender and jasmine on the back patio, I just love it.

I have to say there is something incredibly grounding about waking up in the house where I have lived most of my life, without the sound of the early morning paper plane, or the clicking of horse hooves, nor the hooting of car horns as people drive around a corner on a Ruette Tranquille (maximum speed limit of 15mph), which I always find rather ironic really - hooting on a quite lane that is - all of which happens every morning where we live in St Andrews!

So living down at Vazon has been a little like being on retreat. Quiet, aside from the rustling of the leaves on the trees and the wonderful sound of the sea (especially in the evening), and green, so incredibly green, and spacious and light, and just so peaceful - all those wonderful qualities of a retreat centre. plus the most amazing sunsets and it only takes me a matter of minutes to go to the beach to swim in the sea and it is much warmer on the West coast too!

Needless to say it was indeed the perfect setting for the Reiki 1 course on Saturday. Thank you ladies, as always a pleasure to spend time with you all, and to share and laugh together - truly inspiring! It always fascinates me how we all come together, whether it be through Yoga, through Reiki, through the Wellbeing retreats or through nutrition and how we always have so much in common - I guess another indication, as we learn and indeed experience through Reiki (and indeed Yoga), that we are, essentially, all one.

So its been a fab few days enjoying nature and spending time with my lovely friends and wonderful boyfriend.

And thank you, dear Universe, for the rain!

Ross DespresComment